Who Carries the Vision?

[ad_1] About the moment when the hand of our historical clock was ticking from B.C. to A.D., Herod ruled Judea as a puppet of Rome. Granted the title “King of […]

Refreshing Vision: The Spiral of Grace

[ad_1] By Mike Glenn Anytime we confront a circumstance or challenge, we want to deal with it and then, move on. We want to step up to the situation and […]

Globe Vision Helped Evangelicals Come to be Social Ac…

[ad_1] When Globe Vision responded to the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa, it didn’t inform supporters. The perform wasn’t secret, specifically, but the organization also didn’t publicize what it was performing. […]

The Challenge of John’s Vision (RJS)

[ad_1] The book of Revelation also recognized as the Apocalypse of John can be rather challenging to recognize. It is, immediately after all, apocalyptic literature – a kind a bit […]