Almighty God, you alone… | Scot McKnight

[ad_1] Almighty God,you alone can bring into order the unruly willsand affections of sinners: Grant your folks grace to adore what you commandand want what you guaranteethat, amongst the swift […]

20 Truths from Brave Souls by Belinda Bauman | The Exchange

[ad_1] 1. “What impacted me most was their capacity to adore. They routinely overcame their wounds—physical, emotional, and psychological— picking to forgive the perpetrators, reconcile with their enemies, and serve […]

The Shedding of Blood and Christian Faith

[ad_1] By Geoff Holsclaw: a professor and pastor, providing a cost-free mini-course on The three Forgotten Causes for Jesus’ Death, to aid expand your understanding of Jesus’s death. Whilst it may possibly […]