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This previous Friday I gave a speak at a Pride Occasion in Chapel Hill, in connection with our Homecoming for alumni interested in LGBTQ troubles (we beat Duke the subsequent day in one particular of the weirdest final 5 minutes of a football game I’ve ever noticed).   The title of the speak was “Sex and Gender in the Bible” and the overarching queries have been “what does the Bible basically say?” and “how a lot of it is relevant to a contemporary circumstance?”

The queries matter since the Bible, in lots of methods and in lots of passages, does not basically say what persons consider it says, and the cause for raising the query of relevance is not specifically what most persons envision (although it is associated).

I had planned for the speak to concentrate on “homosexuality” and “same-sex relations” (which are the very same point) in the Bible, but I began out by explaining the biblical view(s) of the connection of the genders, considering the fact that the query of very same-sex sex is closely associated to it, in methods most persons do not know and would not anticipate.  I’ll do a couple of posts on the matter right here, beginning with the gender problem.

The initial point to be stated is that in contrast to views becoming extensively (although not universally!) shared in 2019 America, in the Bible there have been two genders, male and female, and that is it.  Adults have been males.  Or they have been girls.  Other alternatives are not explored.

And for practically the whole Bible the connection of the two is continual: girls are …

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