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Colossians three:18 – four:1

I am thankful for a church with the guts to preach uncomfortable and unpopular components of the Bible rather of quietly skipping more than them! As Pastor Dave ably described, this passage on submission is unwelcome these days mainly because the views of the culture that surrounds us are antithetical to God-ordained authority structures. As Dave recommended, ask God to renew our minds (Romans 12:two), to shake us out of the world’s mold and aid us feel biblically about authority.

Prior to we devote time bemoaning our culture’s rejection of authority and praying for men and women “out there,” we will have to ask how we in the church are performing. How regularly and how ungrudgingly do I recognize and submit to authority in my life? I am personally below the authority of my husband, my church leaders, my government, and God Almighty as laid out in His word. How about you? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal your blind spots concerning authority. Here’s a correction I received not too long ago: I at times (OK, typically) ignore “Trail Closed” indicators at the park. I feel, “I stroll by way of right here each and every day and it is fine. The park rangers are just paranoid that tree branches may fall. I know improved!” A minor instance, probably, of rebelling against authority but a telling 1.

On the other side, we also need to have to examine just before the Lord how nicely we are working out God-provided authority. Are you a husband? A parent? Do you actively exercising authority in your family members or do you passively abdicate that duty? In any position of authority – at household, at church, or at function – do you lead in the scary know-how that you are straight accountable to God, cautious to keep the balance He lays out in His word? Pray for courage and wisdom as you exercising authority.

Dave place Sunday’s passage in context, explaining that it demonstrates the Pauline pattern of growing clarity. Paul expressed a large concept – the command to stroll in Christ – back in Colossians two:six and then develops it in much more detail. “Walk in Christ” is a pleasingly vague command, is not it? The enemy can tempt us to think we may possibly define what walking in Christ appears like. “Wives, submit yourselves to your husbands” is uncomfortably distinct. Affirm just before the Lord that He is our King, our Master. He commands we obey. Affirm that the Christian faith is a entire, not a salad bar that lets us choose and opt for what components to obey.

Calvary Household

Pray for any amongst us whom the Lord is calling to baptism. Probably they have been feeling a nudge from the Holy Spirit but have been avoiding a public “all in” profession of faith. Pray that they will be open to attend the baptism class subsequent Sunday.

Feel about the numerous blessings God lavished on FunFest final Saturday – blessings to the leadership group, to the numerous who served, to these who attended – and thank Him.

If you are a lengthy-time reader of the weblog, you may possibly recall the complicated life journey of Amber Gallegos. She left Calvary and California almost two years ago as a divorced mother of 3 to move to a state with decrease expenses of living. She returned to SoCal practically 1 year ago to be treated for Stage four inflammatory breast cancer at City of Hope. I discovered final week that Amber’s journey on this earth ended October 11. I feel she would ask us to continue praying for her youngsters: 10-year-old Lily, eight-year-old Elijah, and practically-five-year-old Samuel. They are with their grandmother, Connie, who has been caring for them in current months. Pray for them as they grieve the loss of their mother’s loving presence. Pray also for Connie and for the children’s father, Anthony, as they navigate their personal grief and aid the youngsters.

In Christ,
Carol Gilbert
Calvary Neighborhood Church of Brea


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