Nov 15 | OCNJ AARP Mtg-East Meets West, Ancient & Contemporary Wellness Practice


Is your overall health and wellness significant? Are you prepared to discover option practices? If so, this occasion is for you! 

Our speakers are: Martin Brown, Medical doctor of Chiropractic Medicine who will talk about the positive aspects of chiropractic medicine and what they can imply for you.

Pamela McIntyre, International Reiki Practitioner and Master, will talk about the positive aspects of Reiki as a relaxation and healing practice.

Lee Thorne, an aromatherapist, will describe the use of oils extracted from aromatic plants and herbs to improve overall health and nicely getting.

Justin Bean, Licensed Acupuncturist, will describe the painless process of acupuncture as nicely as discover massage therapy and lots of other options to overall health and wellness.

Every single speaker will gladly address any concerns you may perhaps have on their subjects. Come out, listen and study anything new! 

Refreshments will be served


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