Leadership Blind Spots Portion two: We Disconnect Feelings from our Spirituality – EH Leader Podcast


Exactly where did we get the thought that it is achievable to be spiritually mature whilst remaining emotionally immature? How did we slice out the emotional portion of who we are, deeming it suspect, irrelevant, or of secondary significance to our partnership with God? Why do we worth the spiritual more than each and every other aspect of our God-offered humanity – the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual?

In this podcast I discover the gaps in our theology that have brought on such a tragic state of affairs in the church.

I had been a Christian for seventeen years when I found the hyperlink in between spiritual and emotional overall health. The spiritual-discipleship approaches of the ministries that had shaped my faith did not have the language, theology, or coaching to assist me in this location. It didn’t matter how lots of years passed, regardless of whether seventeen or one more fifty. I would stay an emotional infant till the emotional element of God’s image in me was transformed by way of Jesus.

Sadly, lots of Christian leaders I meet these days have tiny to no awareness of their feelings. When I ask them how they really feel, they may possibly use the words, “I really feel,” but in actuality they report only a statement of truth or of what they believe. Their physique language, tone of voice, and facial expressions indicate that feelings are present, but they are not conscious sufficient to determine or articulate them.

This podcast also outlines the core elements of integrating emotional overall health into our discipleship and leadership improvement – from embracing grief and loss, to integrating limits, to exploring our households of origin going back 3 to 4 generations, to mastering new expertise to really like properly.

Lastly, let me invite you to take our cost-free private assessment on our web page at www.emotionallyhealthy.org/mature to see if you are an emotional infant, youngster, adolescent or adult. This potent tool has been applied by numerous individuals about the planet to each get began on the EH Discipleship journey and to evaluate their progress along the way.




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