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Hi good friends,

This is just a gentle reminder that you have 24 hours to grab your copy of The Chocolate Gospel.

This book is not accessible anyplace in the globe. You will not locate it on Amazon or Kindle. But restricted edition copies will go out in the mail this weekend. Here’s how you can get your copy:

Sign up on Patreon (USD) or Donorbox (other currencies) at 1 of these recurring month-to-month levels, and you will get the following rewards:

  • $1 – your name in the acknowledgements (ebook version) this applies to all patrons signed up by Thursday evening
  • $10 – an advance overview copy of The Chocolate Gospel (ebook) plus immediate access to my final two books, Letters from Jesus and AD70 and the Finish of the Planet
  • $25 – a bona fide restricted edition copy of The Chocolate Gospel, not accessible anyplace in the globe, plus all the above
  • $100 – a personally signed restricted edition copy of The Chocolate Gospel, plus all the above
  • $250 – all the above plus a present box of my favored Kiwi chocolates. Yum!
  • $1000 – all the above plus a box of 25 Chocolate Gospels that is Christmas taken care of!

Sign up as a month-to-month supporter on Patreon right now and in addition to the above you will get immediate access to a treasure trove of articles, sources, and books! Getting a companion is quick, and you can cancel any time, no inquiries asked.

You likely know how partners are the funding the spread of this grace message all more than the globe. What you could not know is that The Chocolate Gospel provide is only superior till tomorrow. As soon as the Halloween candy has gone out the door, this deal is more than and the books will be gone. Do not miss out, sign up right now.

I hope you love The Chocolate Gospel.



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