Father Terry’s Spiritual Stuff: Hope And Action


Gratitude is the item of hope plus action.  A farmer prays for rain.  He has hope that it will come and then requires action with prayer.  He realizes he is powerless to make rain come.  So when it comes, he is grateful.  You might say his prayer has practically nothing to do with rain.  It was just excellent timing.  But the farmer is nonetheless grateful.  Sobriety is hope plus action.  You hope to keep sober or get sober and then you take action.  You get into a spiritual answer of fellowship, actions, service.  This is the action that follows the hope.  Without action, all you have is a short and unhappy period of dryness.  No sober individual ever stated it was just a fluke that they did some thing and got sober.  They all know they have no far more energy to get sober and keep sober than a farmer has of producing rain come.  They are forever grateful. Anytime I hoped for some thing but did practically nothing, no action, all I got was “nothing.”


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