Falling asleep hearing items/Waking up seeing grids : spirituality


When I attempt to fall asleep from time to time, I will be drifting off commonly but then I will start out receiving paralysed a small bit, hear gushes of winds in my ears (that place stress on me) and Ill hear quick whispering. Not really good whispering. And Ill wake up seeing either symbols, grids, just odd shapes. They are produced of light and are 2D but are produced of like colors that dont have names.

This occurs sometimes, it just occurred essentially. I cant sleep. This under no circumstances occurs when I sleep with a person else in my bed. It only ever occurs alone.

I really feel like I have hidden problems in me and I want to obtain out whats incorrect but I dont know exactly where to start out and the entire factor is so scary. What do you guys consider is taking place?


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