A La Carte (October 28)


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(Yesterday on the weblog: How Calvin Responded When Luther Went Complete-Out Luther)

Exactly where Can Girls Teach? Eight Principles for Christian Churches

Mary Kassian has written a beneficial post that shares some principles to support clarify teaching roles inside the church. “Exactly where is the line when it comes to females teaching guys? May well females preach on Sunday mornings? Teach a Sunday college class? Lead a modest group? Instruct a seminary course? Speak at a conference? At a couples’ retreat? On the radio? May well females ever teach from Scripture when guys are in the audience? Really should guys even be reading this post?”

three Substantial Downsides to a Busy Church

It’s also simple to confuse a busy church with a faithful church. “Lots of churches are extremely busy and several church calendars are filled with also several points. It would look some church leaders think the pithy ‘If Satan can not make you terrible, he will make you busy’ for congregants but not for the congregation.”

Two Totally free Reformation Sources (SPONSORED Hyperlink)

What led Martin Luther to make a courageous stand for the gospel in his day? Till Reformation Day, October 31, Ligonier Ministries is supplying cost-free digital downloads of R.C. Sproul’s video teaching series Luther and the Reformation plus the ebook The Legacy of Luther, edited by R.C. Sproul and Stephen Nichols.

What’s the Biblical Understanding of Conversion? (Video)

“It is a single issue to say that God is completely sovereign in salvation. But it is an additional issue completely to let that conviction shape and constrain how your church basically does ministry.” Nathan Malpass explains.

The Messiness of Getting Human

Right here’s an intriguing series on the messiness of getting human. (You can uncover component 1 right here.)

Ought to We Count All as Loss to Adhere to Christ? 

Jason Meyer addresses a difficult passage.

How Do You Figure Out Who To Operate With?

“Most of us – even dyed-in-the-wool independents like us – want to have a level of inter-connectedness with other churches. While there are absolutely some isolationist churches out there, who can’t countenance functioning with anyone beyond their personal 4 walls, I suspect that is not most of us. At the similar time, while there are other people who look pleased to perform with totally anyone at all – Christian or otherwise – I suspect that is not the position of most churches either. The vast majority of us have a line someplace.”

Is Scripture Enough for Counseling?

Ed Welch: “How does this inform the query of Scripture’s sufficiency in counseling? Sufficiency does not imply that Scripture delivers a script for all occasions. That would oppose my dependence on Christ and basically place me beneath an endless series of detailed laws. It also does not imply that I retain my nose in Scripture and do not get support from anyplace else. Alternatively, I hope to be a desperate learner who appears anyplace for concepts and support.”

Flashback: An Explanatory Lord’s Supper

Final week we devoted the whole service to an “explanatory Lord’s Supper.” In other words, we not only celebrated the Lord’s Supper, but we also explained each and every component of the service to make sure our members do not only know what we do, but also why we do it.

What can an enemy do? Pretty a bit. But no enemy can restrain God from remembering and acting on your behalf. No enemy will in the end triumph. —Ed Welch


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