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I am 31F, bf is 39M. We’ve been dating 7 months.

He went via a divorce earlier this year. On our very first date the paperwork hadn’t even finalized but. But he told me that their marriage had challenges and they has been separated and dating other men and women for a number of years. He says he’s nevertheless on fantastic terms with his ex. He’s provided me no other clues that theres any lingering challenges there.

Anything to know about me, I am fantastic at world-wide-web stalking. I attempt to use my powers for fantastic not evil. But one particular point I did when we have been very first dating and I located out he was going via a divorce was obtain his ex wife on facebook. Which led to a hyperlink to her twitch channel, and etsy retailer, and so on. I noticed she makes use of the similar username on most of these social media channels, and it really is the name of a obscure mythological creature.

Yesterday, boyfriend tells me hes arranging to get a tattoo. I asked him what he was going to get and exactly where. He stated hes obtaining a [insert name of exact obscure mythological creature as ex wife’s username,] and it really is going to wrap about his complete leg.

I am a bit shocked since he has no other tattoos, so why a 39 year old with no other tattoos would abruptly want a thing that goes from thigh to ankle is a bit alarming. Is this associated to the ex wife’s username? Aspect of me thinks I am overthinking. Theres no other red flags that he’s hung up on her or something. Perhaps he’s often been interested in this mythological creature and she chose her username primarily based on understanding about it from him? Perhaps it is primarily based on her username, but not as a tribute to her or something. I asked him what it meant to him, he gave a quite vague “it really is just a cool design and style” answer.

Either way, when he gets it, I am going to feel of his ex wife each time i see him pantsless. That is not amazing. And I am not suppose to know ex wife’s on line persona, so I have no simple way of confronting him about this.

Am i overthinking? How do i address this gracefully?

Tldr: Boyfriend is obtaining a gigantic tattoo that of obscure mythological creature, which is coincidentally the similar username his ex wife makes use of on line. I am not suppose to know his ex wifes on line username. Halp.


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