By way of Christ, God Has Blessed Us With Every single Spiritual Blessing.


Psalm 79:1-13
appear at what’s going on in our planet nowadays. We hear the enemies of the
Lord saying, ‘Where is their God?’. So several persons are turning away from
the Lord. They no longer worship Him. We wonder if points can be turned
about. It would be so quick to give up and go the way of the planet.
This is what we need to not do. We need to maintain on praying – ‘How lengthy, O
Lord? Will You be angry for ever?’ We need to appear to the Lord for support –
‘Help us, O God of our salvation’. We need to appear to ‘our Saviour’ for
deliverance and forgiveness. We need to pray that the Lord’s Name will be
glorified. How is the Name of the Lord to be glorified in today’s planet?
It need to commence with us – ‘We, Your persons, the flock which You shepherd,
will give thanks to You forever. We will praise You all through just about every

Psalm 80:1-19
us, O God, make Your face shine upon us, that we may possibly be saved’(three). This
prayer for salvation is repeated with a developing sense of God’s
greatness – ‘O God Almighty’(7), ‘O Lord God Almighty’(19). To these who
are asking the query of salvation – ‘What need to I do to be saved?’- ,
God provides His answer – ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be
saved’(Acts 16:30-31). What does the Lord say to these who appear to
Christ for salvation? – ‘The Lord will bless you and watch more than you. The
Lord will smile on you and be type to you. The Lord will appear on you
with favour and give you peace’(Numbers six:24-26). Let us worship Him:
‘Praise the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! By way of Christ, God
has blessed us with just about every spiritual blessing that heaven has to
offer’(Ephesians 1:three).


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