How do I [22F] ask my roommates [24, 25, 25] to be quiet immediately after three AM? They are all very good mates and I am a total stranger (with a year lease…) : relationships


TLDR: My roommates have an established dynamic, and have been coming in about four AM on weekend nights and waking me up for at least an hour as they speak/play video games loudly in the popular location. How do I speak to them about it with no producing them dislike me, and is it affordable to ask that they not do this?

Hi absolutely everyone,

I woke up at four AM to hear my roommates coming in from a celebration they went out to (I was not invited). As I was waking up I heard one particular of them mention that I was most likely sleeping. They proceeded to have a loud (not really shouting but extremely enthusiastic) conversation about random points, cook, play video games, and so on. It is at the moment five AM and they’re nonetheless at it, although fortunately they’ve quieted down a bit.

Regrettably this is quite popular. I have only lived right here 10 days, but I’ve been woken up three of these nights in between three and six AM. At least three-five of the other nights I’ve been kept awake by loud conversation or blasting Television till two AM. Portion of it is that my space is appropriate off the popular location, and the walls are so thin that I can hear actually all the things that occurs in that space.

I really feel really awkward asking my housemates to quiet down. For one particular factor, I really feel like a lame-ass narc/wet blanket for ruining their celebration by asking them to be quiet. Also, they are DJs (although only one particular of them basically does it as a side job and not just a hobby and she’s a great deal a lot more considerate) so the hours type of make sense? Even though they haven’t been playing shows or something so they are not operating nights.

For a further factor, they are a great deal far better mates with every single other than they are with me. They’re friendly sufficient with me, but I really feel as if they do not definitely like me that a great deal or want to hang out with me. That is completely fine, I type of choose living with friendly acquaintances and not mates mates, but it tends to make it awkward since I’m the one particular out of the group ruining the celebration. Two of them also moved in 10 days prior to I did (the other particular person renewed their lease), so they sort of got a likelihood to set guidelines prior to hand.

All this plus me becoming somebody who’s super negative at conflict tends to make me really feel extremely awkward about asking for “quiet hours” like some sort of lame infant who’s ruining their celebration. Nevertheless, for my individual overall health, I do not assume I can take becoming woken up at four-five AM on the weekends often for a entire year. Am I becoming unreasonable by asking them to not hang out in the popular regions and make noise immediately after three AM? How can I do it in a polite way? I do not want my roommates to dislike me even a lot more.


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