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Today’s report is yet another installment in Brother P.’s column, “Lessons From the Nursing Residence.”

You could have heard that my job consists of walking with people today in a nursing house. Having said that, just before you can stroll, you have got to get out of bed, and at times the old-timers do not want to get up.

Regrettably, as we age, we decline at an ever-growing price, and as well a great deal bed can destroy our bodies. Normally, the particular person has just had a surgery or some lengthy hospital remain, and obtaining out of bed can hurt.

So, at times, I have to give them the lecture that fundamentally goes a thing like this: I can’t force you out of bed, but I assure that tomorrow it will be a great deal tougher than now, and the day following that will be even worse. As well several days will lead to your demise, and we do not want to see that, so let’s get out of bed and reside.

That reminds me of the preacher who was speaking at Church on Sunday. He stated that it was simple for the Israelites to appear to the brazen serpent and reside (Numbers 21:six) just like it is simple to appear to Christ and reside.

I often wonder why the Israelites wouldn’t just appear and reside. Appears simple sufficient. Possibly they just spent as well a great deal time denying that Moses wasn’t selected by God (in the brazen serpent instance). Possibly I just commit as well a great deal time deciding that He can wait till tomorrow for me to make up my thoughts.

Get out of bed and reside.

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