The Challenge of Losing Your self in a Marriage


Losing oneself or identity in a marriage is additional prevalent than people today are conscious of.

Marriage demands a lot. For a connection to be productive 1 should be prepared to give to the connection what it requires. In some cases this signifies compromise, sacrifice, and/or placing a side individual ambitions. But, overtime as a individual continues to give in this way, they can also start to drop touch with other vital desires or dreams they when had. These feelings can grow to be overwhelming if ignored, feelings as although you are losing your self in your marriage?

In this podcast episode we want to go over the feelings of losing your self in a marriage. No matter what you are going by means of know that you are additional than a husband or wife. In some cases, it is just a matter of becoming reminded of who you are in Christ. You are additional than a husband or wife, a mother or father. You are additional than your profession or financial status.

Hosted By Pastor Brian Wallace and Keonte McDonald

Photo Copyright by Kevin Carden 123rf Photographs


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