Am I unfair to hold up my (34F) finish of expectations if my bf (45m) changed his? : relationships


Boyfriend and I with each other three years. Each have been married and have youngsters.

Early on I produced it clear I would not try to blend without having a significant show of commitment. Contact it “been right here, carried out that” syndrome but I believe I’ve discovered my lesson and now have my small one particular to appear out for.

Lately we decided to get a spot that he moved into this summer time and the program was I would move in when my lease was up subsequent spring. This was contingent on us obtaining engaged just before then.

My daughter and I remain right here all the time. But only began staying right here complete time final month* (edited to add) Ahead of that we slept right here as soon as / each two weeks. We’re producing a actual work at blending the youngsters and we’ve hit a couple of snags with ex’s and so forth but we’re producing progress.

We have been hunting at rings, discussing dates and even have a trip to Europe booked exactly where my boyfriend stated he was going to be proposing.

This weekend we had a fight and “we” (study, he) has decided engagement is off the table for now. I took a couple of days, and came back and stated whilst I totally have an understanding of that extra time would be useful for us to function by way of stuff, I will take the stuff I had so far moved in (clothing and bathroom stuff) and I’ll be moving back into my spot. We’ll continue to remain right here periodically but simply because the terms of what we discussed changed, I’d really feel extra comfy in my personal spot till we have a clearer path. He is pissed to say the least.

I do not want to drag my daughter by way of a scenario in two-three years exactly where she’s uprooted once more and that sign of commitment is extremely vital to me. I’m prepared to place in the tough function now, but not without having that subject becoming on the table.

TDLR stated I wouldn’t move in officially till engaged. Boyfriend took engagement off table so I’m moving back into my spot.


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