Did I reiki session for my buddy and it was the most awe inspiring practical experience I’ve ever felt : reiki


There’s a reiki club at my higher college and our college nurses runs it. She’s certified teacher for reiki and she had absolutely everyone in the club attuned to reiki power so we could heal ourselves and good friends and family members. Final evening I was hanging out with my buddy and I was telling him about my practical experience with reiki power and how i really feel it has a excellent presence in my life. He asked me to do a session with him out of interest simply because he was fairly skeptical of it. It was my initially time in fact preforming a session but I was confident that it was going to be good for the each of us. Instantly when I began speaking about how the power comes from supply and down to crown chakra each him and I felt the power flowing by way of our body’s. It was completely astounding. I knew that I was just a channel for the power but I felt soon after undertaking that session, our bond as good friends tightened considerably. I’m nonetheless new to this but I’m considerably intrigued


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