Recall, God is Not the Mountain – Becky Dvorak


It is significant to know and bear in mind that God is not the mountain standing in your way, satan is. As a result, even though speaking to this mountain, and not about the mountain, you do not beg God for your answer. He completed His operate at Calvary, and now it is your turn to operate His operate. If you will prophesy accurately to this mountain, it will move and be cast into the sea. Study to prophesy healing with accuracy, hit the mark, and result in that mountain to crumble from the inside to the outside–and watch it fall down.

This is not a right healing confession: “Even even though I have symptoms in my physique, they can do no permanent harm to my physique due to the fact I was healed at the Cross”? As extended as we confess with our mouths that we have symptoms, by the energy of these words we will continue to have them. And if we say that these symptoms can have no permanent harm, we constrain them from generating permanent harm, but nonetheless enable them to do some level of harm with these forms of confessions. And definitely we want to rid ourselves from symptoms all with each other so it would be superior to pick faith statements complete of authority and bring all types of symptoms below submission to the Word of God.

In other words, do not give the symptom space to stay in your physique and result in suffering. It is superior to speak out, “I take the authority offered me by the atoning blood of Christ and I declare that I am free of charge and healed from all symptoms, sickness, and illness that attempt to attack my physique. In the mighty name of Jesus, amen.”


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