My ( F-17) pals and I have opposing views on social matters : relationships


I have two really great pals that I’ve identified for about a year(each M17) they are genuinely good, sort and really funny and enjoyable to speak to. They treat me with respect( they do issues like standing behind me on trains). But, they have distinctive political and social views than I. They assume the Me As well movement was an attack on males and think that feminists are attempting to overthrow males. They are also homophobic(?). They say they assistance lesbians but not gays.

We never speak about this stuff a lot but anytime we do I really feel weird that I am hanging out with them. I’ve talked to them about this a couple of occasions and have even succeeded in convincing them and turning them more than to my side, but a couple of days later it really is like they have totally forgotten the conversation we have had.

Need to I stay pals with them? How do I go about speaking to them?

Tldr- I have pals who have totally distinctive views than I and I never know what to do about it.


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