Lies, lightning rods and the God of all comfort


I was really shocked to obtain myself at the midweek meeting final Wednesday. Possessing come back into the island that afternoon, following a extended weekend in Croatia, I believed I’d be also tired. But there is a tiredness which only spiritual nourishment can refresh, and my have to have of that outweighed the wish for rest.

My time away had been nicely spent. I had left the island – unusually for me – desiring to shake the dust of the spot off my feet. No 1 desires to hear how the fortnight major up to my departure was a storm of hatred, lies and legal action, so I will not problems you with the particulars. Nonetheless, I was below just about intolerable stress. This time, the tension arose as a outcome of the bullying I am suffering on 1 hand, and the nicely-which means suggestions of pals on the other. They inform me I will have no peace till I ‘chuck it all in’.

If it is affecting your mental well being, they have mentioned, is it definitely worth going on with?

The ‘it’ to which they refer is my seat on the Stornoway Trust. Till I relinquish that, 1 pal told me, I will forever be a target for hatred and vitriol.

It seems to be partly correct. Numerous, several folks on social media have blithely shared a lie about me (therefore the legal action). Some that I know, which includes brothers and sisters in Christ, ‘liked’ the lie. That, I have to admit, stings far far more than the hatred of strangers. When my reputation with God is what matters, what on earth does it say about the church’s witness to the globe when we approve slander of 1 yet another? I obtain I have no answer to that 1 and need to leave it be.

 However, it has helped me to attain a conclusion about 1 aspect of my life. I opened my mouth with this weblog to start with simply because I felt the church of Christ had no voice in our neighborhood. Items have been taking place to which no Christian need to turn a blind eye I applied this platform to speak the truth.

I have considering that found that no 1 desires to hear the truth. Even several who recognize with the bring about of Christ are silent as his name is trampled underfoot. Some say to me, ‘I amn’t articulate enough’, or ‘I amn’t brave enough’. No? Me neither.

The wobble I have suffered this previous week is the very same 1 that brought on Peter to sink. I have looked at myself and realised my personal inadequacy. In that, I consist of as nicely the inadequacy of the church of which I am portion. We are weak we let every other down all the time. As imitators of Christ go, we are not merely pale, we are translucent.

I really feel, in truth, as Peter need to have. Getting myself halfway across deep water, with no visible implies of assistance, I began to go below. Overwhelmed by waves of hatred from without having and indifference from inside, I couldn’t preserve myself upright. And so I retreated to a spot of security. For the 1st time in my life, that spot was not Lewis – it was anyplace else but.

The most significant doubt with which I have had to wrestle more than the final even though is the suspicion that I am a lightning rod for problems. Was I bringing far more hassle to the Trust and certainly to the Church by the mere truth of becoming linked with them? Would I, in truth, be performing each a favour if I listened to the wisdom of loved ones and resigned from 1, and shut up about the other?

And then, that is exactly where the other stress came in: the voice that goaded me with, ‘and let the bullies win?’ When I was away, I study a tweet by a Scottish female councillor who has been forced to lower her public duties simply because of harassment. I could really see why she did this to safeguard her family members – but a thing in me rebels against performing the very same.

Is that simply because I’m thrawn, or simply because I’m exactly where I’m meant to be, performing what I’m meant to be performing?

Truthfully, I do not know. I was pretty specific when that God was major me to take a stand for his bring about, each as a writer and as a trustee. That certainty is out of attain at present.

But, on Wednesday evening, I remembered how it all started. We listened to Paul’s words from two Corinthians 1, ‘so that we may possibly be in a position to comfort these who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God’.

As Christians, our trials are not ours alone. I have attempted to share mine in order that other people may well see the sufficiency of God in all points. He carried me via the loss of my husband he will carry me via the hatred of the globe and the indifference of my brethren. If I am in the incorrect, he will show me, appropriate me, and then he will comfort me.

In the meantime, I will exercising two virtues with which I am barely acquainted: patience, and silence.


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