I [18M] slept with my best friend’s [19F] mother [43F] after we had a huge argument. She apolgized and I don’t know if I should tell her? : relationships


Tldr- my best friend told me she didn’t want to talk with me again after a huge argument, I had sex with her mom and I am not sure if I should tell her since she apologized and wants to rebuild or friendship?

I’ve been friends with her for about 2 years and we used to like each other, but she was playing games too much. She always told le she liked me and wanted to date me, but at the same time she was sleeping around and she didn’t “let me” talk with other girls or anything. Her mother owns a few properties and she moved from my little town to her bigger house aboout 50 minutes away.

It’s kind of complicated to explain, but living on campus would be too expensive and her mom said she would let me live with her in the house that she moved to since my college is only 5 minutes away from there, but I obviously have to pay her rent. I’ve been here with her for around a month and I see her and my best friend everyday.

I work at amazon so I make $15 an hour which is enough for me to live off of since I get finacial aid and I got scholarships for school. Back to what happened though, we got into a big argument because one of her best friends was flirting with me and I slept with her and she ended up telling my best friend so she was super pissed and told me to never talk with her again. I’m not going to get too much inot setail about it, but her mom had already been flirty with me before and she ended up acting too nice to me again so I flirted back and we ended up having sex a few times.

I don’t regret since it was great and I really have no chance at dating her daughter anyways, but she started talking to me again and she appogized for yelling at me and insulting me. I feel bad now and I feel guilty for sleeping with her mom. Should I tell her what I did or just deal with it in my own?


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