I’m 16M and have been performing spiritual operate because the final handful of months of 2018. In January of this year, I started experiencing an extremely painful heart chakra opening, which (while the discomfort has gone carried out for the most portion) is nevertheless going on these days. About March/April I believe I may perhaps have reclosed my heart chakra by holding in some stuff and becoming significantly less empathetic, which continued by means of the Summer season as I felt myself start to care significantly less and significantly less about resolving items due to the fact (this may perhaps be apart of the opening idk) it seemed like smaller sized emotional annoyances had been finding increasingly meaningless so I didn’t even bother. Flash forward to now and I’m beginning to really feel items impact me on a higher level than ahead of, I really feel the warmth/uncomfortableness at larger levels, and I really feel my emotional baggage fairly heavily (I can sense my throat chakra and heart chakra becoming blocked). This may perhaps look pretty strange, but I want to commence resolving some of the stuff on my heart once more, but there’s anything I’m worried about. Am I going to have to restart my heart chakra opening approach from the starting and have to go by means of these months of uncomfortableness/discomfort if I choose up exactly where I left off in my healing journey? Is there going to be a key consequence for straying from the path as substantially as I really feel I have? Has anyone gone by means of something like this ahead of and if so, what did you do?