Providing ourselves a break By Claire Musters


No words at all. Certainly no inspiration. Absolutely nothing. 
That is what I had when it lastly dawned on me that my post for this weblog was due. By this time every single month I’ve commonly had really a couple of concepts, selected 1, written, uploaded and scheduled the post.
But this time round I knew I was flailing.
That is, till I stopped and then believed: but this could be the post. 
For the reason that what do we do, as writers, when words fail us?
I know how significant pushing previous writer’s block is. I am what is named a ‘jobbing’ writer, as I not only create books but have standard articles that I will need to make to deadlines.
I have got all of these articles due in the subsequent month either completed or drafted. What’s left are two extended-term writing projects. And 1 of them, in unique, has me rather flummoxed, which is not a state I am employed to.
I know that my dried-up thoughts is really reflective of my entire becoming ideal now. It has been an exceedingly busy season and each member of my household is drained and desperately in will need of a break (so although I may perhaps be nervous about the quantity of function left to do on my stated projects, every little thing in me is screaming ‘roll on half term’ – which is subsequent week for us).
A single of the causes I am in a position to be freelance and base myself at property for the most component is for the reason that I am incredibly driven (anything that my daughter lately commented on when she ‘shadowed’ me – she asked: ‘Don’t you ever really feel like just staying in your pyjamas and not undertaking any function?’ Extra and much more, in reality, but I commonly drag myself into my workplace regardless).
I did that dragging on Monday. A single of the subsequent books I’m writing is a co-authored project with my husband. As a pastor, he’s a quite busy guy, so we’d currently had a conversation about the reality that Mondays, his usual days off, are going to will need to be writing days for us each if we are going to make our deadline.
So visualize how I felt when I forced myself to create a couple of thousand words on our book only to go downstairs at lunchtime and locate him ‘researching’ new jackets on the web. When I asked if any writing had occurred, he just replied: ‘I’m as well spent right after the weekend. I will need some down time.’ 
I was incredibly downcast – and jealous if I’m sincere. I’d had a small wrestle with myself prior to I’d began function that morning. I knew I was beyond exhausted so had wondered irrespective of whether taking some hours off would be valuable – but then guilt about the quantity of function that necessary undertaking got the much better of me. 
Yes, I wrote some words. Will they make it into the final reduce? I doubt it.
Which 1 of us had been wiser that day?
I do at times wonder if we can be as well challenging on ourselves as writers. Maybe there is a sense of feeling we HAVE to make anything every single day in order to validate what we do.
But I have come to realise that there is a spot for downing tools, recognising when I’m attempting to make anything out of nothing at all and providing myself permission to rest. So that is what I’m going to attempt and do now (right after meeting the required deadline – this 1 ) ). 
My rest will involve some background reading that I know will support each my projects. For me, I know I will need some sense of goal – but I have also lately taken the time to study a distinctive book purely for the reason that I wanted to, and knew it would inspire me afresh.
What about you? Are you as disciplined at producing space to rest as you are at producing space to create? If not, why not attempt it and see irrespective of whether it added benefits your writing.
What are the issues that support you to really feel rested? Let your self engage with 1 of these this week…
PS When I had written this, I found that Monday’s post was also hunting at what we can do when we run out of words. Immediately after a mild moment of panic, I realised that it had an significant, however distinctive, method. Perhaps, just possibly, there are much more than just a couple of us feeling like this, so we shouldn’t be afraid of speaking about it.
Claire is a freelance writer, speaker and editor, mum to two beautiful youngsters, pastor’s wife, worship leader and college governor. Her books include Taking off the mask: daring to be the particular person God designed you to be, Cover to Cover: Ezekiel A prophet for all occasions, Cover to Cover: 1–3 John Walking in the truth, Cover to Cover: David: A man right after God’s personal heart, Insight Into Managing Conflict, Insight Into Self-acceptance and Insight Into Burnout. Her most up-to-date edition to the Insight Guides series, An Insight into Shame, was published in Could. She also writes Bible study notes and magazine articles. To locate out much more about her, please take a look at  and @CMusters on Twitter. 


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