‘Don’t you know? When you refused to support a single of the least crucial amongst these my tiny ones, my correct brothers and sisters, you refused to support and honor me.’ [Matthew 25:45 TPT]
The way we treat folks is so crucial to God.
When we shut up compassion in our hearts we knowledge consequences.
It does beg the query of why some let compassion flow freely when other folks damn it up?

To answer I give you two Greek words that speak a bit to the human situation:

  • hamartanō :: to miss the mark (and so not share in the prize), to err, specially (morally) to sin. [see Romans 3:23 for context] 
  • parabasis :: violation, breaking, transgression. [see Romans 4:15 for context]

These two words represent two elements of a phenomenon that the bible describes as sin.

The 1st (hamartanō) is a single that is somewhat representative of our human nature.
It speaks to the notion that folks who have very good intentions normally make blunders and err in judgment.
The second word (parabasis) speaks of folks with poor intentions who seek to do harm.

And it is at times tough to differentiate involving the two.

I think that Jesus, in this passage, speaks to these who reside lives of poor intentions.
People who have suppressed compassion in their hearts for so extended.
These no longer have an understanding of what it indicates to be definitely human.

These are these who do not merely miss the mark.
Jesus’ words condemn them as he speaks about their challenging and selfish hearts.
Hearts that reject pleas for meals, clothes and compassion.

To these he speaks words of rebuke.

Support me Lord to recall how you endure with the poor, the sick and imprisoned.

… this devotion is aspect of the Red Letters series. Click right here to study far more.