World Council of Arameans had an official statement : Christianity


I have seen multiple posts here in support of YPG. None of which was credible. While I am not affliated with Arameans myself, I have came across an offical source than down right YPG propaganda

Syrian Christians Proclaim “Trump is right on Syria!” YPG Kurds are responsible for escalation in Northeast Syria

WCA to International Community: “Condemn the actions of the PYD/YPG”

This article in particular was made in August 23. However, what does the majority of Aramean (Syriac) Christians in Northeast Syria believe?

” Therefore, the vast majority of (Aramean) Christians in Northeast Syria have been complaining for years about the authoritarianism of the YPG and its separatist agenda, which runs against the spirit of national unity in the country and against UN charters. They are still eagerly hoping and waiting for Damascus to restore order and stability in their province. However, when Ankara threatened to clear its borders from these armed nationalists, who are ideologically and militarily in unison with the PKK, the YPG panicked and their pawns expressed this fear. Many of the region’s Aramean Christians, who typically are against foreign interventions, rather unexpectedly entertained a latent hope that Turkey will cross the border to finally halt the nationalist Kurdistan “project” (as the YPG leaders call it), teach the Kurdish separatists lessons of humility and give them a reality check, even hoping that governance will be returned to the local populations including the Arabs (the majority), the non-YPG allied Kurds and the non-YPG affiliated Aramean (Syriac) Christians. “

So back in August, it seems that Aramean Christians hoped for a Turkish intervention in order to return back to their homelands. Now compare these articles to what have you been fed on the media so far

Also a credible Assyrian guy

If you want to know about the truth about Christians in Syria, please seek Aramean Christians.


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