President Trump Encourages Inclusion of People today with Down Syndrome in Awareness Month Message

In celebration of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, the President released a message of encouragement and hope to the nation.

“We thank men and women with Down syndrome for their amazing contributions to their households, their communities, and our excellent Nation, and we pledge to empower them to obtain their complete prospective,” the statement stated. “My Administration also renews its commitment to bring focus to and a deeper understanding of the challenges these exceptional Americans face, such as their struggle against discrimination. These believed to have Down syndrome also threat getting subjected to the as well-frequently terminations of their lives prior to birth.”

The month of October is devoted to spreading awareness and celebrating the lives of these with Down syndrome. Nonprofits, such as Texas-primarily based The Upside, market the month by encouraging inclusion and 21 acts of random kindness.

“This is an chance after a year for us to truly pressure the significance of accepting folks with Down syndrome just like they are anyone else and celebrating what they can do as an alternative of focusing on what they can not,” Executive Director of The Upside, Misti Brock, told Texoma’s

Like Brock, Trump’s administration hopes the month brings inclusion of these with an added copy of their 21st chromosome.

“This month is an essential chance for Americans to reaffirm our commitment to making a society that superior appreciates and respects the dignity of life at all of its lovely and miraculous stages,” the statement stated. “We have to devote our efforts to make certain that the United States continues to exhibit reverence for human life—both born and unborn. Collectively, we can generate an inclusive Nation, 1 exactly where Americans with Down syndrome are embraced in schools, workplaces, and communities—one exactly where discrimination can no longer cast a shadow of inequality.”

The Down Syndrome Association of Higher St. Louis encourages folks to celebrate the month by asking their college librarian to generate a show of books about the syndrome or strategy a day to put on the blue and yellow awareness colors. Supporters can also hang up Down syndrome awareness posters in their schools or churches. 

Photo courtesy: Nathan Anderson/Unsplash