Click right here to register for 10/17 Prayer Leaders Webinar Hosted by Guarantee Keepers, Thursday morning, Oct 17, 11 am-12 noon Eastern

Dear Prayer Leader: 

You are invited to this extremely essential video conference contact for prayer leaders across America on the morning of Thursday, October 17, 11 am-12 pm Eastern (eight-9 am Pacific), hosted by Guarantee Keepers.  Please click right here to register today for the 10/17 Prayer Leaders Webinar.
As you could know, Promise Keepers will convene guys all through our nation for 2020 Men’s Conference, July 31-Aug 1, at AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas, the household of Dallas Cowboys.  In addition to filling the AT&T Stadium with 80,000+ guys, PK will seek partnerships with thousands of congregations and ministries to attain millions of guys through livestream technologies.  Your partnership in prayer is very important towards IGNITING A REVIVAL by means of a mighty men’s movement!  

Please reserve this particular hour and connect with PK Leadership:

  • Ken Harrison, Chairman/CEO, Guarantee Keepers
  • Judge Vance Day, President, Guarantee Keepers
  • Pastor Art Remington, Jr., PK National Ambassador-At-Substantial
  • Miriam Remington, PK Deputy Ambassador-At-Substantial

Every will share vital prayer points for the new era of Guarantee Keepers.  We will need your help in mobilizing PREVAILING PRAYER for guys all through our nation!