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When you give birth to your kids and hold them in your arms, you do not actually even know how to consider what is ahead of you. My small bundle of Nathan came out without having a peep in significantly less than two hours just after I went into labor. He was calm for about two days and then he by no means quit wiggling and speaking and “being” other than an active small boy ever once more!

How could I have held him and imagined that I would function on projects, create books, speak at conferences and have lots of adventures with this complete of power boy, who has turn into a film and tv actor, a script writer a producer and a six time author! You by no means know what your small 1 may possibly have in shop for themselves—and you!

It is portion of why we decided to create Only You Can Be You. We wanted parents all more than the planet to speak acceptance, understanding, like, affirmation into the pretty core of their children’s becoming to realize that who God produced them to be, as they are, is a masterpiece.

We have received hundreds of letters from several of you who loved our initial book with each other, Unique: The Story of Unique: The Story of an Outdoors-the-Box Kid and the Mom Who Loved Him. Most of you told us that you had been so content to obtain somebody else with a youngster who was larger than life who understood your life. And all of you mentioned, “This book has helped me discover to like all of my kids just as God gave them to me.”

We wanted to comply with up with a wonderful children’s book so that we could support parents know how to pass on a foundation of like correct into the brain pathways, the early messages of their lives. Right here is our summary of our book as our publishers described it. Hope you like our podcast as we talk about this nowadays and hope you like sharing the book with your kids.

Some children like to dance and laugh out loud, and some sit quietly and make up stories in their heads—but we’re all various, and that is okay since the maker of almost everything produced us this way!

In our initial image book, bestselling author Sally Clarkson and her son Nathan encourage kids on the journey to discovering their strengths. Mother and son duo draw on themes from their initial book, Unique, the emotive story of Nathan’s experiences increasing up with mental illness and understanding disabilities and Sally’s journey to loving him unconditionally. With the potent truth that what tends to make you various tends to make you good, Only You Can Be You will support kids embrace their variations and celebrate the variations in other folks.

The irresistible rhymes paired with Tim Warnes’s whimsical illustrations encourage your kids with the reassurance they are hunting for in their personal uniqueness. Irrespective of whether they are quiet or artistic, funny or boisterous, your kids will like this heartwarming study that assures them that they are amazing specifically as they are.

Get your copy nowadays.