So, my girlfriend and I have been collectively for two years now. My loved ones are rather laid back and get on with most people today, so they get along with her truly nicely. Having said that, I’ve often had a rocky partnership with her loved ones and I’ve in no way truly understood why.

They’re a rather strict and classic loved ones, but they’re fine with me in particular person. When I’m not there, (we’re sort of extended distance at the moment, so we’re not spending also significantly time collectively lately) my girlfriend tells me they say issues about me behind my back.

Not too long ago, it turns out my girlfriends grandmother accidentally let spill to my girlfriend that she went on my Instagram account. My girlfriend pushed a small bit for a lot more, and it turns out that a when ago, her grandmother went all the way back to 2014 (a couple of hundred posts back) and saw a single of my posts.

I will not get into any context of the image, as I do not feel it is also relevant (it is political), but her grandmother entirely disagreed with it. Her grandmother showed her grandfather and her mom the image, and they also really feel the very same.

In my opinion, this is exactly where their dislike of me stems from. As a outcome of this, I’ve felt awkward about them and it is just a commonly uncomfortable atmosphere. They do not know that I know they’ve observed my Instagram so they haven’t stated something, but I feel they can sense how awkward I really feel about them lately.

How need to I go forward with this? A element of me thinks I need to just bring it up with her loved ones, but I certainly hate confrontation and could finish up creating issues worse. Need to I just neglect I was told this and hope the awkwardness goes in time? Or could I do anything else? I appreciate each and every response, thank you.

TLDR: my girlfriend’s loved ones saw a single of my Instagram posts from 2014 which they hated, and I now really feel uncomfortable about them. How do I strategy this?