9th Oct 2019

Day 9 – OctPoWriMo

I am utilizing memories these days for the prompt “Eyes”.


Do you don’t forget, I
know you do, that time in Paris?
Our Silver Anniversary – you mentioned

Leave the
kids, let’s go, have our honeymoon – alone.
 Three days just for us! A

Like teenagers we
strolled by the Seine,
hand in hand, fingers softly feeling, exploring.

May possibly blossom
floating down – perfume intoxicating.
You squeezed me,
Pointed out the River
Cruise boat
I nodded.

My red dress, often
your favourite,
shimmered mackerel reflections.
You’d grown a beard, looked
very the artist
Eyes smiling, we
spoke shared stories,
Ate a meal of mussels, our favourite,
With glass of wine
– red.
My stomach danced in content oneness with my spirit,
We talked, can you say about what? No,
nor me,

It didn’t matter,
just to be, that was all, collectively,
Drinking in our life,
You, so relaxed, your
face shone,

Didn’t inform you
that – years melting away – incredibly appealing.
We climbed the
measures to the Sacre Coeur,
 looked out more than the city,
sky spotted with twinkling

  We danced and laughed, evening slipping away. 

Later we embraced,
excited as if for the initial time, 

but far better.

surprise, particular bond produced that day,
of silken gold.

 I knew it as I shivered,
not with cold.
Strengthened in want we looked forward.

A city for