Father Terry’s Spiritual Stuff: Feeling It


Several of us believe that we are supposed to really feel God’s presence in order for it to be actual.  So our prayer becomes a single of attempting to modify our feelings, a lot more a handle variety prayer.  But this performs no improved than a drink alterations our feelings, or for some, a lot of drinks. We believe that feelings have to do with faith.  If I really feel God’s presence then God is in reality actual.  My feelings inform me so.  A drink or drug or physical exercise higher or music or painting can perform on feelings and inform you a thing but it may well not be any a lot more actual.  “I am so pleased, really feel so connected, so complete,” you say, and a even though later, not so significantly.  It all stayed on the feelings level.  Faith, on the other hand, or a friendship with God, if you will, is not about feeling God.  Faith and connection, friendship is about altering the heart, which is not all about feelings.  The heart is changed by letting go of attempting to modify the heart, say in prayer or connection.  It is counter intuitive.  Let go of your agenda and trust/hope.  This is faith at perform.  My adore for an individual grows as I let go of ego agenda and practice “being with,” compassion, listening, honesty devoid of blame.  Selfless? Yes.  The meditation of letting go in prayer is when you take care of you.  Your mates, family members, even the clerks in retailers are not there to repair you or make you really feel improved.  If you are unhappy in an interaction and you say,” I am unhappy simply because you do not give me what I want” it is going to be a extended and miserable day.  I drank more than that!


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