Peace in the Eye of the Storm


Peace in the Eye of the Storm | In the Middle of the Mess by Sheila Walsh

I woke up and reached more than to the bedside table for my telephone to see what time it was. It was just 3 o’clock in the morning. I groaned. I slipped out of bed as quietly as I could. I didn’t want to wake my husband or our 3 small dogs stretched out at the bottom of the bed. I opened the bedroom door and believed to myself, one particular far more time, “I have to have to place some oil on that squeak.”

I crept downstairs, lit two of my favourite candles, boiled the kettle and produced myself a cup of tea.

Why on earth am I wide awake in the middle of the evening?” I wondered.

I settled into my favourite chair in the den as Maggie, our Yorkie decided to join me. I scratched behind her ears and she fell back to sleep on my lap.

There had been a lot of undesirable news on tv the prior couple of days. Hurricanes, devastation, wildfires, a mass shooting. It felt as if the globe was finding far more out of handle by the minute. Closer to property, two of my dearest pals had lately been diagnosed with cancer. No warning. Out of the blue, life had changed for them and their loved ones.

In the quiet, I lifted them up to the Lord. I asked for healing, for grace, for strength and for hope. I prayed for these I didn’t know, for these who had lost loved ones, who had lost their houses, for these struggling to discover a cause to hope as they faced the reality of what their lives now looked like. Nothing at all can prepare you to drop anything in a matter of moments.

Occasionally we get a warning when a storm is about to hit. The national climate service problems storm watches and warnings but not everybody has the time or suggests to get away from danger. Frequently the poorest of the poor are the most vulnerable and spend the greatest value but truth is, storms hit us all.

Individual storms can move in with lightning speed and devastate the landscape of our hearts and we in no way saw them coming.

As I sat in the quiet that morning with a gently snoring dog on my lap I believed about you. I believed about the vast numbers of folks that I might in no way meet on this earth but who are my brothers and sisters in Christ. I believed about these of you who are hurting, who really feel broken and crushed proper now. While I might not know your name, Jesus does and I lifted you up. The query pounding inside my heart was this,

Lord, how do we reside in the peace You promised when there are storms all about us?”

I picked up the properly-worn Bible that I maintain beside my chair and opened it to the conversation Christ had with his greatest pals on the evening when He knew He was about to be betrayed. He would have to endure a mockery of a trial and then take that extended stroll up a hill to face a barbaric execution. John records these profound hours in chapters 13-17 but as I sat in my chair that evening, I turned to the verses I had underlined that speak of peace.

I am leaving you with a present — peace of thoughts and heart. And the peace I give is a present the globe can not give. So do not be troubled or afraid. — John 14:27 NLT

Peace of thoughts and heart. Peace that is only discovered in Christ.

Then Jesus told them that really hard instances have been coming. He attempted to prepare them for the persecution that was ahead, for the unprecedented storms on the horizon. And then He mentioned this,

I have told you all this so that you might have peace in Me. Right here on earth you will have quite a few trials and sorrows. But take heart, since I have overcome the globe. — John 16:33 NLT

Christ had just shared some pretty challenging truth with His dearest pals and but He mentioned that the pretty cause He was telling them was so that they could know peace when the storms hit.

What is this peace that Christ speaks of? It is clearly not circumstantial as He promises it in the middle of problems. Probably it is less complicated for you to think that for other people than for your self but if it is a guarantee from Christ then it is correct in the greatest days of life and the worst, for the richest and the poorest amongst us.

If you discover your self in the middle of a mess proper now Christ desires to speak peace to you. Numerous issues in life are a mystery to me but this one particular point I know for positive,

God is for you.

He sees you, knows you and loves you. This is what I know about peace,

Peace is not the absence of problems. It is the presence of Christ.

That is my prayer for you.


Ideal now, I pray for my brothers and sisters. You know what each and every one particular is facing. I ask that Your peace would flood their hearts and minds. In the quiet of this moment Lord, we get Your peace.

In Jesus name,


Written by Sheila Walsh for Devotionals Each day and FaithGateway featuring her new book In the Middle of the Mess, copyright Sheila Walsh.

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