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Certainly, the previous is present in us now. All of us in our identity are constituted by all the experiences we have ever had. Most of us overlook a lot of of these experiences, so they are not offered to us. But it is distinctive with the risen Jesus. As Son of God, filled uniquely with the Holy Spirit, the risen Jesus remembers each jot and tittle of his knowledge. Absolutely nothing escapes his memory.

That implies Jesus’ experiences are present to us. For instance, contemplating the baptism of Jesus at the Jordan is a matter of listening attentively as the risen Jesus shares that knowledge with you. Jesus’ knowledge starts with the specifics of the Gospel account and continues as the description is filled out and customized for you via the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. These Gospel scenes and events are salvific suitable now rather than one particular-dimensional historical events, they are offered as lively mysteries in your partnership with the risen Jesus.

You have to discover to take these Gospel accounts pretty seriously, as encounters with the risen Jesus, as up-to-date as the moment when you enter the prayer. Ignatius recommends the use of imagination as a way into the mystery. Not everyone’s imagination is pictorial, but imagination is the capacity we all have that assists us to relive an knowledge with a unique private vividness. In these contemplations the Holy Spirit is eager to engage you with the numerous mysteries of the risen Jesus by stirring your exceptional practice of imagination. The contemplation preferred right here is a lot far more than a superficial replaying of a previous historical occasion. Rather, the Holy Spirit effects an engagement of your entire individual with the mystery in an encounter with the risen Jesus. Increasing private composition of oneself with the mystery, a deepening private entry into the mystery, gathers more than time into the interior, intimate know-how for which you are praying. In the way the mystery is taking place suitable now, and you, as far more than an objective spectator, are participating firsthand.

—Excerpted from Stretched for Higher Glory by George A. Aschenbrenner, SJ

Photo by Forrest Cavale on Unsplash.


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