Hunger, Thirst, and a Heart That Grew Ten Sizes


Melanie ShankleBy Melanie Shankle

Possibly it was partly worry of not becoming great adequate to be genuinely saved or worry of missing out on exciting (this is most most likely), but a thing brought on me to sign up for the youth group mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico, the summer time soon after my freshman year. At that point in my life, I’d by no means been on any sort of mission trip and in all probability believed I truly certified as the significantly less fortunate mainly because I owned only two pair of Guess jeans.

This was back when it nonetheless felt relatively secure to travel to Mexican border towns. I imply, confident, there was a great opportunity you’d see an individual promoting a goat’s head on the side of the road and be bombarded by little kids promoting Chiclet gum, but that was about the extent of it. So my parents place me in a large blue van and sent me to Mexico. That final sentence sounds like the makings of a superb Lifetime film.

Regardless of the reality that Texas shares a border with Mexico, it requires around nine hours to drive from Beaumont to Reynosa mainly because you are actually traveling all the way across the state of Texas. I’m confident a Texan has by no means told you this, but we have a large state. We also like to personal a lot of factors in the shape of our state, but it is not our fault God produced Texas in a shape that tends to make a good waffle.

Our van caravan was driven by brave, tireless youth workers with a higher tolerance for tomfoolery. This was lengthy prior to the days of cell phones, so our road trip entertainment consisted of occasional stops for rapidly meals and marathon rounds of the alphabet game and Truth or Dare (while there are only so quite a few truths or dares that can come about inside the confines of an Econoline van). Numerous of us also had our Sony Walkmans so we could listen to music. We’d been told that we could only listen to Christian music because this was a church sponsored trip and we have been on our way to do the Lord’s perform, which apparently didn’t consist of listening to Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. Our musical selections have been supposed to consist of artists like Michael W. Smith, Petra, Amy Grant and, for the actual Christian rock music pioneers, Rez Band.

Nevertheless, an individual could have slipped in a cassette of Van Halen’s 5150 album and brought on us all to collect about two earbuds in the back of the van as we listened to “Dreams” more than and more than once again. No offense to any of the Christian artists previously described, but it is challenging to compete with an impassioned Sammy Hagar telling you to “dry your eyes, save all the tears you have cried, mainly because that is what dreams are produced of.” We produced our way to Mexico as Sammy Hagar encouraged us to “reach for the golden ring, attain for the sky.” That song, along with “Glory of Love” from the Karate Kid II soundtrack, have been the anthems of my summer time of 1986.

When we ultimately arrived in Reynosa, the temperature was around 158 degrees. I cannot recall exactly where we stayed except that it resembled a significant dormitory with numerous rooms of bunk beds and a shared bathroom exactly where we all rapidly found there was no hot water. Also, there was no air conditioning to speak of, unless you take into consideration two little oscillating fans to be air conditioning, which I personally do not.

Sleep came uncomplicated that initially evening mainly because we have been all exhausted from the lengthy trip. We woke up vibrant and early the subsequent morning, prepared to start our initially day of mission perform, which was going to involve going to an orphanage and passing out rice and beans to households in a remote location of town. The girls had been told to put on skirts and dresses, so I place on my cotton Esprit dress with a pair of scrunchy socks and Keds mainly because I wanted to appear added particular as I started my initially foray into the planet of becoming a missionary.

It's All About the Small ThingsPractically nothing could have ready my fourteen-year-old thoughts and heart for every thing we saw that day. Right here was a complete planet I didn’t know existed apart from the occasional Save the Kids commercials narrated by Sally Struthers. I’d by no means actually recognized what it was to consider outdoors of myself and my tiny planet till this moment. It was each humbling and sobering to commit time with orphans who required houses, who craved appreciate and focus so a great deal that they congregated about us like we have been rock stars even although we have been full strangers.

We spent the subsequent numerous days painting churches, feeding the hungry, and sharing the appreciate of Jesus with the assistance of our translators. The factor that amazed me most was how a great deal the folks we met wanted Jesus. They have been desperate for him in a way that we seldom expertise. How desperate can you be if you currently have every thing you want? The folks we encountered that week knew what it actually meant when we told them that Jesus was the bread of life mainly because they understood what it meant to be genuinely hungry, each spiritually and physically.

Nevertheless, there was a single evening when the language barrier brought on a tiny confusion. 1 of the youth workers spoke to the nearby church crowd in Spanish, telling them that God was their heavenly father, but as an alternative of making use of the masculine el papa, he stated la papa. Basically, he shared a heartfelt message about how our heavenly potato sent his son to save us from our sins. Do not get me incorrect, I have had some heavenly potatoes in my time, and not a single of them has saved me from my sins. But I nonetheless hope they have potatoes in heaven, and frankly, I cannot visualize that they do not.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve heard criticisms of quick-term mission trips. People today query how a great deal great you can do in a couple of days and no matter if or not the nearby folks even want their church to be painted or to have a bunch of overly enthusiastic American teenagers teaching their kids all the hand motions to Father Abraham. (Not to be confused with Abraham the Potato.) And I get it. Occasionally we barge into conditions with the greatest of intentions but do not know how to make the most of our efforts.

Anyway, that trip to Mexico was the initially time I understood what it meant to reside out these words of Jesus:

“‘For I was hungry and you gave me a thing to consume, I
was thirsty and you gave me a thing to drink, I was a
stranger and you invited me in, I required garments and you
clothed me, I was sick and you looked soon after me, I was in
prison and you came to pay a visit to me.’

Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did
we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you
a thing to drink? When did we see you a stranger and
invite you in, or needing garments and clothe you? When did
we see you sick or in prison and go to pay a visit to you?’

The King will reply, ‘Truly I inform you, what ever you did
for a single of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you
did for me.’ ” (Matthew 25:35–40)

Confident, I spent a lot of time that week flirting with boys, listening to Van Halen, purchasing for cute Mexican embroidered tops in the nearby marketplace, drinking Massive Red, and giggling with my girlfriends late at evening, but a thing also shifted in my heart. Now I could place faces and names with actual kids who didn’t have a dwelling or loved ones. I knew actual households who have been unbelievably grateful to get a couple of bags of rice and beans mainly because it meant the distinction in no matter if or not they’d consume that week. I met nearby pastors who worked tirelessly to spread the words of Jesus to their congregations, not for revenue or to make a large constructing, but purely for the sake of the gospel.

On that trip to Reynosa, my self-absorbed fourteen-year-old heart turned its gaze outward and grew ten sizes. I returned dwelling with a higher appreciation for what I had, such as but not restricted to air conditioning. That a single week laid the groundwork for trips I’d take as an adult to areas like the Dominican Republic and Ecuador to serve the folks there, to play a game of soccer with little ones desperate for appreciate and focus, and to pray with households who have absolutely nothing this planet says is beneficial but do have an unshakable faith that humbles me—especially when they ask how they can pray for us mainly because they have all they want. It produced my eyes faster to see the desires about me and motivated me to figure out how I could assistance. It gave me a a great deal wider view of the planet, a single that was really distinct from what I saw on the streets of my suburban neighborhood.

Possibly from time to time the point of a mission trip is God altering our hearts and our eyes to see what he sees a lot more than about an orphanage needing us to sing some songs and place on some plays. If our goal is to come to be a lot more like Christ, then I consider we take the initially step on that path when we start to see factors outdoors of ourselves, no matter how little or insignificant that could from time to time look. And from time to time we have to leave the comfort of dwelling to get that viewpoint.

God does not contact all of us to reside our lives on a foreign mission field, but we are all referred to as to assistance when we can and to appreciate at all occasions.

It's All About the Small ThingsAdapted from It is All About the Little Factors: Why the Ordinary Moments Matter by Melanie Shankle. Click right here to discover a lot more about this title.

In It is All About the Little Factors—formerly titled Church of the Little Factors—bestselling author Melanie Shankle assists you embrace what it suggests to reside a straightforward, however extremely meaningful life and how to locate all the beauty and laughter that lies suitable beneath the surface of each ordinary, remarkable day.

Easygoing and relatable, Melanie speaks straight to the heart of girls of all ages who are longing to locate significance and which means in the regular, from time to time mundane planet of driving carpool to soccer practice, attending class on their college campus, cooking meals for their loved ones, or taking care of a sick loved a single.

As I was reading the manuscript for this book, I sent Melanie a text along the lines of ‘My gosh, I appreciate this book so a great deal.’ It is a great a single, good friends. I know you will appreciate it as a great deal as I did.
—REE DRUMMOND, The Pioneer Lady

Melanie Shankle writes frequently at The Massive Mama weblog and is The New York Instances bestselling author of 3 prior books, such as Nobody’s Cuter than You. She is a graduate of Texas A&M and loves writing, purchasing at Target, checking to see what’s on sale at Anthropologie, and attempting to locate the lighter side in each scenario. Most of all, she loves becoming the mother of Caroline, the wife of Perry, and the official herder of two wild dogs named Piper and Mabel. The 5 of them reside in San Antonio, Texas.


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