Try to remember that all these issues will come about ahead of the persons now living have all died. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will by no means pass away. [Matthew 24-35 GNT]

“These issues” that Jesus speaks of incorporate troubling indicators in the sky.
He speaks of a day that he will seem with angels to obtain his personal.
The Lord tells his listeners that it would come about in their personal lifetime.

When I take into consideration the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD I feel of:

  • the terror that persons seasoned as their properties had been destroyed
  • the harsh brutality of the Roman forces as they attacked the city
  • how God was as perform in the suffering and hardships.

That final phrase is such an crucial one particular for us to don’t forget.
So generally it appears that evil has gained manage of all that surrounds us.
In such instances is it is superior to don’t forget that God is operating in the chaos.

I have discovered words to carry such energy in my life.
There are impotent words that will fall to the ground and be no extra.
However there appears to be words that carry the timeless weight of heaven.

The words that Jesus spoke are timeless, highly effective and of good significance.
His words speak of issues that transcend time and space.
These have the energy to alter our lives and influence our globe.

I feel that these are the words that only God can speak.
In saying that words will by no means pass away, Jesus tells us of his deity.
The words that he speaks are eternal simply because he himself is eternal.

Teach me Lord to treasure your words in my heart.

… this devotion is element of the Red Letters series. Click right here to study extra.