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When I very first started my journey toward becoming a spiritual teacher and power healer almost fifty years ago, it started with telling the truth. I was diagnosed with cancer in my twenties, which was a actual wake-up contact, and forced me to commence examining my behaviors and habits, my thoughts and inner beliefs, as properly as feelings. I had a spontaneous remission from the cancer on the table of an power healer, but that was only the very first step. It took years of processing previous traumas and delving into the deepest components of myself to learn and method the truths that had been buried for so extended. Power healing helped remedy my cancer. Later, it gave me the present of living a complete, genuine life by permitting me the protected space to learn my truth and the courage to present my accurate self to the globe.

Immediately after the cancer was eradicated, I was so amazed and intrigued by what had occurred I decided I wanted to find out all the things there was to know about power healing. I started making use of the dollars I created as an lawyer to travel the globe, studying at the feet of seers, mystics, and shamans to create my personal healing expertise so I could do for other folks what that power healer had completed for me. Tiny did I know then that as you start instruction in power medicine, even if the target is to heal other folks, you can’t aid but very first be healed oneself.


Truth Heals

A single of the important tenants of power healing is finding out to express your truth and reside an genuine life. Even the tiny tiny lies you inform other folks, or oneself, can develop tiny pockets of darkness in your field and trigger issues with your power flow and consequently, your capability to be satisfied and healthier. Admitting your deepest truths clears these seeds of negativity just before they have a likelihood to develop, and permits the light you have been born to express shine via. Coming to terms with your inner self—your greater self—literally sets you free of charge to reside the life your soul planned for you on this earth, the life you have been meant to reside.

Getting your accurate self and expressing that self to the globe is extremely freeing. When I lastly let go of all the old feelings and negativity in my field and physique left more than from years of traumatic abuse, it was like a weight had actually been lifted off my physique. I felt lighter, freer, happier, and much more in tune with the universe. I guarantee, you will, as well.


three Actions to Heal Oneself:


  1. Come to be the actual you.
    In order to reside as a light bearer, you ought to present the actual you to the globe, which suggests you ought to very first learn the actual you! The finest way to start the method of locating your genuine self is to contemplate your values, your beliefs, and your genuine desires. What do you worth in your life? A companion, neighborhood, profession, truth, kindness, or getting of service? How can you enhance these values in your each day activities? What do you think now? Are there old beliefs you have held more than from your parents or teachers that are no longer serving you?Ask oneself if there are locations in your life that do not really feel “right,” that do not resonate with you on a soul level. Is your profession anything your parents wanted, but you are not passionate about? Is there a piece of oneself you really feel you cannot reveal to your spouse or good friends? Is there a secret you are maintaining from your loved ones or oneself? This method of discovery can take some time, as your patterns of behavior and your belief systems have been set in location for years, so be gentle with oneself as you uncover the actual you. Meditation and power healing courses are invaluable for facilitating this method, specifically if you obtain it hard to try on your personal.

  3. Clear and release negativity.
    I bet that there is at least a single time every day that you do not say anything you would like to out of worry. Possibly it is the worry of confronting a boss or relative, or the worry of getting rejected, or the worry of sounding stupid. But every of these tiny silences creates a tiny cloud that shadows the light inside you. If you do not purge these tiny clouds of darkness, they develop and connect with every other and at some point develop into a massive dark spot that can really block your chakras and the flow of power into your power field. In my power healing courses and workshops, I generally encourage students to express their accurate feelings every day by journaling, or speaking them out with a trusted buddy or advisor, or even just speaking them aloud to an empty space. Nevertheless you express your feelings, the point is to get them out of your physique and field, to release them so they cannot suppress the light inside.

  5. Empower your intuition.
    Intuition—the feeling of understanding anything, or a “gut” feeling—actually comes from your greater self and your spirit guides, so it is the most trustworthy guidance you can get. When you reside your truths, you are in alignment with your soul and your greater self, which boosts your intuition and provides you understanding that will aid you on your spirit journey. When you are presented with choices that appear hard, getting an elevated intuition will aid you select the path that is finest for you, that is in line with your truths and not a person else’s. Listening to your intuition also creates a circle of authenticity: every time you act genuinely and in line with your accurate self, your intuition grows, which permits you to act even much more authentically the subsequent time.


To find out much more about how truth can heal you and set you free of charge, please verify out my book, Truth Heals, and my LifeForce Power Healing On line Course, each of which teach you how to develop into the actual you by healing oneself from the inside out. Plus, they teach how to heal other folks!


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