I was raised Mormon, which is a Christian religion in the sense that Mormons think Jesus Christ is the Son of God and is the savior and redeemer of the planet. Some people today argue Mormons are not Christian for the reason that Mormons think in the Godhead rather of the Trinity, and in addition to the Holy Bible Mormons also think in added scriptures like the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine & Covenants.

I think I am carried out with Mormonism. The church is complete of a lot of excellent and superb people today and teachings but I no longer think in some of their most basic truth claims (e.g., that Peter, James, and John appeared to Joseph Smith and gave him the priesthood of Christ to restore the 1-accurate-church).

I have often been fascinated by the numerous galaxies of the universe. I think there is a God, and I think that Jesus Christ was the manifestation of that God and that he redeemed all humankind. I am Christian. But, I have many beliefs that possibly break with mainstream Christian tradition. For instance, I do not hold the Bible to the similar level that a lot of Christians do. I think the Bible is the solution of history, written by people today by means of a lot of translations and influenced by politics and culture. It is the finest historical document we have of Christ’s life on earth, and is for that reason invaluable and even inspired, but it is a historical solution nonetheless that is not with out blunders or even some dangerous teachings (predominantly in the Old Testament). I do not think the Bible is either infallible or inerrant.

I am hoping for suggestions of a Christian church that has a deep passion and belief in Jesus Christ but does not market the doctrine of Biblical infallibility/inerrancy. My wife, who is also a former Mormon, also is not confident no matter if she believes in the Trinity.

It would be good to uncover a non-evangelical non-denominational church, but these churches do not look to exist. Most (if not all) of the non-denominational churches I have located state clearly on their web page that they think the Bible is inerrant or infallible. A lot of the mainline churches look good — for instance, the Episcopalian and Methodist churches — but they look fairly stringent in advertising the historical creeds that I assume are possibly as well limiting for my wife.

The finest church I have located so far is the United Church of Christ, which is typically described as a non-creedal church but is nonetheless passionate about Christ. Unitarian Universalist also appears good, but its beliefs are so tolerant and open it seems to be much more humanist than Christian.

We are actively attending various churches attempting to uncover what is finest for our predicament but I am so new to the mainstream Christian planet I could genuinely use some assist from these much more knowledgeable.

Are there any churches you would advocate to a person hunting for a church that is (i) passionate about Christ, and (ii) openly accepting of diverse opinions with respect to the nature of God and the bible (i.e., a person like my wife who believes in Jesus but not the Trinity would really feel at residence)?

TLDR: Post-Mormon Christians. Seeking for a church that is passionate about Christ but otherwise openly accepting of a diverse variety of beliefs, such as folks who might not think in the trinity and do not think in biblical inerrancy.