Faith appears in media more than we think. While that faith might not be in God, a character or person in a news story might have faith in another person, a situation, a dream, or a mission. In this prayer exercise, we meditate on a character's faith in a show or film.Media’s spot in our lives goes beyond the “Star Wars” prayer we attempted a couple of months ago. In our ever-connected culture, we commit a lot of time consuming several media. Because it has so significantly influence, even in every day conversation, we ought to take some time to intentionally analyze what we watch rather than merely consume it. 

We can obtain which means in the stories from preferred culture. Often we even really feel the Spirit of God move in and amongst us as a outcome of a story we saw portrayed in Television or motion pictures. Inside any story there is an embedded theology — that is, a way of speaking about “ultimate concern.” Faith shows up — in some type — in pretty much every single film or tv story. Possibly not faith in God, but faith in an individual or anything. That is what we’ll discover right here.

In this physical exercise, any film or tv story will suffice. The target is to seek out and answer the query, “Where is the faith?” As you use this physical exercise repeatedly, you will commence to see how theology is woven into all stories.

We all have faith in anything. It is crucial to fully grasp that and then be intentional about exactly where we spot our faith.


Intention: To ponder exactly where the faith is in any provided visual text

The Workout: Faith In Media

  • Pick any film, tv or video story. Have it prepared to watch.
  • Start with a breath prayer utilizing the phrase, “My faith is in you, O God (or Christ or Spirit).” On the inhalation silently say the initially aspect of the phrase and on the exhalation say the name you have selected for God. Do this for at least five minutes.
  • Watch your selected visual text. Concentrate on 1 distinct character, searching for what this character is placing his or her faith in.
  • Exactly where does this character’s faith reside? In what does he or she in the end trust? How do you know that?
  • What do you assume the writer or producer is attempting to say about the planet by way of this character’s faith?
  • Examine exactly where this character’s faith resides with exactly where you spot your faith.
  • What is God revealing to you about faith in the viewing of this story?
  • Finish with the identical breath prayer that you started the physical exercise with, “My faith is in you, O God.”


Location a “post-it” note on your tv set with the query, “Where is the faith?” This will remind you to reflect on this query repeatedly.

For the duration of prime-time 1 week, watch a number of of the most preferred tv shows with the query “where is the faith” in thoughts. Notice what or who several of the characters spot their faith in.

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