I require severe enable please : spirituality


I hope you all can hwlp me have an understanding of or shed some light. My gf and i have a three year old daughter and i have custody of my 12 year old daughter. So for abput a month and a half ago my gf began speaking to herself and saying she is recieving messages from spirit guides…i go along with it. She tells me that at operate “liquor shop” that demons come in and she zaps them and at times they conspire ahainst her “gang up” on her but shes as well highly effective “decrease level demons” ..ok i say. Then at the laundry mat she says that this guy she by no means met was a youngster molester and hes conspiring some thing…she unknown to me brandishes a knife to him and stated some thing…i had no thought she did thisbuntil she stated hes attempting to summon his demon close friends to attack us and we have to leave. I stated no..we have garments drying…effectively the cops showed up. Cops talked to her..him..myself and prospects. Practically nothing came of it fortunately. It was then i realized its gone as well far. So she watches youtube vids and i swear shes becoming brainwashed into pondering shes a “healer” ..now she stated she is the soul supply creator of the universe? Ok..when we completed laundry..the subsequent day she realized our youngest didnt have considerably garments that had been washed. She yelled at my 12 year old and stated that her guide which was her dead mother at the moment…told her my 12 year old didnt pack the youngest ones on goal. Created my daughter cry the tounge lashing she gave her..total bullshit but you cant inform my gf Practically nothing…SHE KNOWS ALL. she was on the verge of telling her Aunt that her son molested 20 children…she wouldnt let a new buddy of mine come more than for the reason that hes a lady beater and a thief ” shes by no means met him” ..he is a pretty new operate associate…she stated our neighbors buddy attempted spitting a ” curse” at her and she deflected it..she does practically nothing but lay in bed..speak to herself and watch the spiritual videos on youtube..sort of like just people today speaking about that stuff. We just attended a wedding exactly where she got drunk..shes an alcoholic..plus shes on lyrica..muscle pill and topamax? But she just got released from the discomfort clinic lead to she by no means went to appointment. But at the wedding she was saying crazy stuff that some of her cousins are “fairys” and our daughter noticed fairys. We visited her grandma in the hospital and the grandma was worried that a process would br as well considerably a strain on her heart..docs agreed..but she insisted saint francis stated shed be fine. She just asked them. Shes exceptionally lazy..i take care of our children..clean..cook..all the things. I asked her to please enable…please spend consideration to the physical globe for the reason that we require her…so she adjustments my daughters pull up and throws it on the floor for me to come across even though i was mopping. I asked her if she was going to leave me and take my daughter if her guides stated so..ahe got pissed..fought with me saying i was attacking her…i cant say a fucking word to her. Shes so lost and tends to make shit up to make me appear like im ridiculing her. She paid 100 bucks to some spiritual guy up the street for a session..but he could only do 1 so shes got to come back. Im poor..i struggle with bills..i cant even afford auto insurance coverage! She went to thod shaman in Nashville..jeff perhaps? And he wasnt there bit texted him saying she was weeping at his door step and had an epiphany? I dont know. She wont enable me have an understanding of and degrades me if i ask and says im attacking her. Im not..i just want any answers..there has been a lot far more situations..accusations..my daughter recorded her speaking to herself in tounges..it scares her. She acts all spiritual but is so imply to us. Shes really spoiled by her grandma btw..her mom passed when she was 10 so she essentially had no guidelines developing up. Her grandma offers her funds and bank card. We reside in Nashville..her gma in Extended Island. She purchased three handles of whiskey amongst other shit..abusing her gmas generosity..got drunk af and took my three year old on a trip to the shop to get her asleep. I had no clue untill she couldnt be located…i was livid. Guys..im seriously stuck..dont know wtf..i consider shes so deep into wanting to be some thing that she doesnt know reality. I have to reside in the physical realm. I have children to raise. Im at the finish of my rope. If i knew i could get custody of my youngest i would most most likely leave her. I dont want to but she treats me like shit..beat my head in 1 evening even though i was half asleep lead to i ignored her. Wtf…im sorry so lengthy but i have no fucking clue whats going on. If anyone desires far more information I will inform all the things to anybody prepared. What do you all consider? Thank you in advance


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