There is small that comes extra naturally in life or is taken for granted extra than breathing. It is a thing that I do not thank God for sufficient or even contemplate the nuances of. I took a stroll earlier and as I was walking and asking the Lord what he had to say by means of me about breathing, He was when once more faithful to place quite a few thoughts in my head. I stopped by a coffee shop to jot down notes just before they left the quiet locations of my thoughts, and I was overcome with gratitude for all the methods God has employed this seemingly very simple but complicated word physically and spiritually in my life.

Physically Breathing

Genesis two:7 says, “Then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.” God actually gave us breath. It is since of the life that He provides that we breathe without the need of even pondering about it. He developed our complicated bodies to be in a position to breathe the air about us. 

My newest niece was born. The miracle of birth has normally been a thing that fascinates me. As I sat in the hospital holding this tiny girl, I couldn’t think that I could ultimately appear at the face that I had wondered what would appear like for so quite a few months. Even extra than her valuable face, I was fascinated  that this tiny human physique has all the exact same complexities as the one particular that I’ve been living in for 30-some-odd years. Her tiny small breaths had been breathing the exact same air as I was, and only hours old, her physique knew instinctively how to breathe outdoors of the womb. Her Creator had created her so intricately, beautifully, and profoundly.

Just after that day, it would be a couple of weeks just before I got to cuddle that sweet girl once more. About a day later, I believed my allergies had flared up but it turned into a nasty chest cold. I’ll spare you all the particulars, but involving that, and the accurate allergies that living in the Pacific Northwest bring this time of year, I immediately realized how a great deal I take getting in a position to breathe (and sleep) usually for granted. I encounter individuals really typically who will need help breathing, and I know that my illness was practically nothing close to what they encounter.There had been absolutely occasions when my coughing attacks worried me and these about me. What a relief that 1st breath was just after the coughing stopped.

Spriritually Breathing

Just as physically breathing comes simply and is typically taken for granted, the Lord has been faithful to point out some spiritual “breaths” in my life. These are factors that I virtually do without the need of noticing, or that He does in and by means of me that I take for granted on a day-to-day basis. 

There is a song that I haven’t believed of in at least a decade that has been going by means of my thoughts a lot lately. “Breathe” was initially written by Marie Barnett in 1995, and has been recorded by quite a few Christian artists more than the years. It is really hard to bear in mind when I 1st heard it, but it was absolutely a staple in my youth group days. The lyric that keeps repeating itself in my thoughts goes, “This is the air I breathe, Your holy presence, living in me.”

As a follower of Christ, I am actually blessed to have the Holy Spirit living in me, directing me, and comforting me in quite a few methods. Breathing in His presence, His guidance is a thing that I do extra typically than I recognize occasionally, and it is a thing that other folks notice about me. A single day not too long ago at function, a typical buyer asked me to hold him in my prayers. I have under no circumstances talked about my faith to him, but he mentioned that he knew I was a believer from preceding interactions we had. That, my good friends, is His presence in me, flowing out of me like the air that I breathe.

You improved think I mentioned a swift, silent prayer for that man, and just as God’s presence is like a breath of fresh air, our prayers can be also. I’ve mentioned just before, each in writing and in individual, that prayer is really hard for me. It is an region that the enemy utilizes to get me down. I typically feel my prayers are not major sufficient, grand sufficient, or even scheduled sufficient. I frequently locate myself praying, “Lord, teach me to pray, to need to devote time in prayer.” Although these are not terrible factors to ask for and need, God has been generously pointing out the compact prayers that I am continually praying. 

1 Thessalonians five:16-18 says,“Rejoice normally, pray without the need of ceasing, give thanks in all situations for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” Simply because of the Holy Spirit’s function in my life, I locate that this occurs extra naturally than the enemy would like me to think. There are absolutely occasions that we will need to sit in His presence and devote extended time in prayer with the Father, but praying can also be like breathing. The seemingly compact, in-the-moment, shorthand prayers, are efficient also. 

Breathing, each physically and spiritually are factors that we typically taken for granted. Workout routines can be carried out for each to enhance the efficiency, but I cannot aid but feel there’s a purpose God developed us to breathe. With no this reminder of these gifts that come so naturally we typically take them for granted, we’d miss seeing the blessings God locations in each and every moment.

Exactly where do you see God breathing life into you nowadays? 

What is He offering for or undertaking in your life that you typically do not recognize or take for granted?

Inhale, exhale, open your eyes, and appear for the God who provides you every breath.


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Karly Grant is a 30-a thing, single, enneargram 9,  follower of Jesus who likes to hold life entertaining and true. The situations of the final couple of years of her life have held quite a few twists and turns, but she cannot wait to see exactly where God leads.  She has a heart for adoption and is waiting to see exactly where the Lord guides her on this path. She can typically be identified in a coffee shop, curled up with a fantastic book, or spending top quality time laughing and getting enjoyable with her family members and good friends.