Encounter God

Main Scriptures: two Timothy three:16-17, Matthew 24:35, Hebrews four:12

Discussion Queries:

  1. What’s your strategy to get into God’s Word? How does your group dive into God’s Word? Discover a Bible reading strategy on the YouVersion Bible App or join Faith Guarantee as we study the Bible in a year.
  2. Paul writes in two Timothy three:16-17, that all scripture is inspired by God and effective for teaching, reproof, correction, and education. What are some scriptures that have been useful to you as you commit to reside like Christ each day? Discover a single or two verses that you can regularly keep in mind to assistance you develop closer to God.
  3. What does the Bible say about discipleship? How are we to stick to Jesus? Discover a single or two verses that can assistance you disciple these in your group, your household, or your life, assisting them develop closer to God.
  4. A disciple follows the instance of their leader. Have you followed Jesus in baptism? Why or why not? Subsequent week there will be a baptism chance at all campuses. Speak to your group leader or campus pastor if you are prepared to be baptized.

Discovery Bible Technique:
For deeper study, as an option to the inquiries above, study Hebrews four:12 and use the Discovery Bible Technique to discover the passage.

Embrace Other people

Suggestion: Take into consideration breaking the group into twos or threes for this portion.

What are some struggles you have when reading the Bible? Is it tough to be constant with your reading? Is it tough to have an understanding of what you study? Share exactly where you are and exactly where you want to be in your scripture reading. Hold each and every other accountable to continue on this adventure of finding out far more about God by means of His Word.

Engage the Globe About Us

One particular of our values at Faith Guarantee is We Develop With each other.

How could you and other people you currently connect with socially throughout the week encounter God? If you share typical interests with folks you hang out with – you could start off an Embrace group. If you have a book club or Bible study  – you could start off an Encounter group. If you serve a regional charity or give to a neighborhood trigger – you could start off an Engage group. Or if you meet with other leaders for improvement – you could start off an Expand group.

What is stopping you from beginning a group at Faith Guarantee?

Speak with your group leader or let us know right here.

Expand God’s Kingdom

Are you enjoying how Faith Guarantee is connecting faith and film?

Numerous of the motion pictures we see and books we study tug at our heartstrings for the reason that they include echoes of the a single accurate story of God’s redeeming adore for His people—us!

Subsequent time you are speaking about a book you have study or a film you have watched with a pal, see if you can hear the echoes of God’s story. You could possibly have an intriguing speak about faith!