A prayer from St. Gertrude the Excellent (1256 – ca. 1302), a German Benedictine nun, mystic, and theologian:


Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God,
Support me—
in each and every have to have,
with all my heart
and a thirsty soul—
to attain for You,
and in You who are sweet and content
may perhaps I come across my rest.

With my entire spirit and self,
let me want You,
for You are the only 1 who holds correct happiness.
In Your priceless blood, Lord of mercy, create
Your wounds in my heart.
Support me study there each Your discomfort and appreciate.
May possibly the memory of Your wounds
forever stay in my heart’s secret locations,
kindling compassion in me.

Support me concentrate solely on You,
who are the sweetness of my heart.