An Easy Technique For Strengthening Your Boundaries.

–by Nancy Hausauer

Most of us can could stand to have stronger energetic boundaries.

To review, your energy field is a cocoon of energy or light that surrounds you, anywhere from a few inches to a few feet out from your physical body. At the working edge of this field (it actually extends infinitely), there’s a boundary. Like your skin, it acts as a container for your energy, holding in what’s meant to be inside and screening out what’s meant to be outside.

It’s likely your boundaries could use a boost if you:

  • are feeling tired, run down, overwhelmed, foggy-minded, or confused
  • are getting sick a lot, or having a lot of mishaps
  • are worrying a lot, generally or about specific things/people
  • feel other people’s emotions
  • are intuitively gifted, especially as an empath
  • are a “helper” or “people-pleaser”
  • put others’ needs before your own, or sacrifice your own health or happiness for others
  • have a hard time saying “no”
  • get overly involved in the affairs of others
  • feel like you can’t stand up for yourself, or conversely, that you bully people into doing what you want
  • are angry or resentful and don’t really know why
  • are often mistreated by others (especially if you accept it)
  • were abused as a child
  • feel overwhelmed by other people’s emotions or moods.

A long list, I know–and it’s not even an exhaustive one. Which illustrates my point that most of us can benefit from shoring up our energetic boundaries. Here’s a really easy way to do that.

Easy Technique To Strengthen Your Boundaries

  1. Get comfortable and focus on your breath for at least a few breath cycles to help you ground and center.
  2. Sense or imagine your energy field and fill it with even more light. (You can use your breath to do this. Just breathe in light and sense or imagine your light increasing.)
  3. Sense or imagine the boundary of your field as a thin membrane or shell that outlines your energy, brighter than the light of your field.
  4. Next, you’re going to gather additional energy to work with. In whatever way you wish, pull more energy/light specifically into your heart, and allow it to overflow into your arms and hands. You can breathe it in, as before, or pull it from the earth, stars, sun, etc. Whatever works for you is fine.
  5. Stretch out your arms–either physical or energetic–and touch the boundary of your field from the inside. Use the additional energy that you’ve just pulled in to “charge” your field’s boundary, making it stronger and brighter. Set the intention that it will screen out undesired energies and contain desired energies.
  6. Do a quick scan to observe closely how this feels.

That’s it. You can do this in under a minute, or take longer if you wish.

Boundaries are good, and I wish you strong, healthy ones. — Nancy

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Energy Healing To Keep Your Child Well This School Year

–by Nancy Hausauer

Little Kids

With school starting soon, I’d like to share some energy healing techniques that parents can do to strengthen their children’s immune systems (and their own).

Illness-causing microbes are always out there. From an energetic perspective, illness is often the result of the energy field wearing thin because of stress or other depletions such as poor eating and sleeping habits, or from actual breaches in the field caused by emotional or physical trauma. Without these energetic openings, the energies of the illness are less likely to be able to get a foothold.

As with more practical defenses (washing hands, eating and sleeping well, etc.), in energy healing an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So here are a few energetic preventative techniques to help keep your kids’ energy systems robust and their bodies well.

  • Stress depletes the energy field and inhibits immune system function, so teach your child stress management and relaxation techniques.
  • In particular, teach them belly breathing. It stimulates lymphatic flow, calms the nervous system, and helps balance the energy system. Make it a family activity.
  • Whenever they seem “off,” ground them by holding or rubbing their feet. (Firmly so as not to tickle.)
  • When they’re upset, smooth and balance their field by running your open hand(s) along the contour of their body about 6-12 inches above it, like petting an imaginary cat, multiple times, head to toe. You can also spread your fingers a bit and “comb” their field.
  • Teach your child basic energetic techniques such as grounding (have them imagine they’re sending down roots from the soles of their feet deep into the earth, like a tree), centering , and surrounding her/himself with light.
  • Get your child out into nature—one of the best things you can do for both energetic and physical wellness.
  • Domestic animals are wonderful healers, helping to buffer, absorb and balance energy, so let your child spend lots of time with the family pet.

Donna Eden’s classic book Energy Medicine is a great resource for family wellness, and here are some other ideas, too.

Of course, sometimes we get sick with us no matter what we do, so don’t blame yourself if your child catches a cold. Just take good care of them (and yourself) and use it as an opportunity to bond.

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Working With The Magic of Altars

–by Nancy Hausauer

Outdoor stone altar with rose and candle

I’m a big believer in using altars to help anchor and focus my attention, intention, prayer and appreciation. I often recommend them as a tool for clients as well.

Altars are sacred spaces we create within ordinary space. They help us connect tangibly with the world of Spirit, both as portal and sanctuary. They can be used for prayer, meditation, ritual, healing, or as a way to connect to beauty, the Sacred, an aspect of yourself or the world, or an intention.

I’ve had an altar placed centrally in my home for over 25 years. I had to train my family not to set things on it. Now no one touches Mom’s altar (mostly….) Its content changes frequently. It’s often a celebration of nature, reminding me to be present to the lessons and beauty of the current season. Sometimes it’s a simple bouquet of flowers or a single candle. In these, the space is as important as the physical elements.

My altar has also focussed on loved ones, prayers, chakras, intentions, protection, and energies such as hope, strength, power, joy, etc. I also create an altar any time I do a ritual. These are usually more elaborate.

Altars work well as energetic tools for people who are strongly visual. For appropriate clients, I’ve recommended them for a variety of things, including:

  • connecting to one’s childhood self
  • attracting a true love
  • acknowledging and honoring grief
  • working with ancestors
  • re-establishing a connection to intuitive power
  • staying grounded while traveling
  • establishing roots in a new home.

How To Create Your Own Altar

Your altar can be:

  • inside or outside
  • public or private
  • personal or communal
  • large or small
  • simple or elaborate
  • short-term or long-term.

Basically, anything goes. As your dedicated creative/magical space, it’s liberating and empowering, which is part of its work.

Here are some ideas for things you might want to put on your altars:

Flowers, candles, sacred objects, stones, crystals, statues, figurines, herbs, incense, plants that are sacred to you, pictures, symbols for the directions, natural objects, poems and books. (Once I used a pile of fresh, fragrant earth as a central element in an altar. It worked in the context!) A beautiful cloth is traditional as the basis for the rest of the elements.

Keep your altar fresh and tended and protect it from encroaching clutter.

How To Work With Your Altar

Every time you look at your altar, you get energy from it, connect to Spirit and invoke its higher purpose. However, it’s also good to create regular, focussed time with it. Allow it to help you get still, center on Spirit and concentrate your attention. Light candles or incense, if they’re part of the altar. Open to energetic shifts/healing and intuitive messages. Make prayers, express gratitude or send healing. Breathe. Sit. Breathe.

Try it! Create your own altar to see if this sublime energetic practice resonates with you.

Love and light, Nancy

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Finding Healing Everywhere

Almost anything can be a healing medicine. Look around you. What can you use to heal and grow?

Almost anything can be a healing medicine. Look around you. What can you use to heal and grow?

Are You An Empath? Here’s A Self-Healing For You

–by Nancy Hausauer

Hands forming heart shape

Recently, a client who is an extreme empath was telling me how a close friend’s problems were bringing her (my client) down emotionally.

We talked a bit about how, from an energetic standpoint, this indicated that she was letting the energy of her friend’s suffering into her own energy field, including her physical body. She realized she could actually feel it in her body as a kind of heaviness.

Around that point, I received an image of my client holding the suffering of her friend in her hands. From there, an energetic exercise/self-healing sprang into my mind. I think it could be helpful for other empaths as well.

Returning Suffering To Its Rightful Owner: An Exercise To Help Empaths

If you feel you’ve taken on someone else’s suffering:

  1. Sit comfortably with your hands palms up and resting comfortably in your lap.
  2. Feel, envision or imagine the suffering you’ve taken on from someone else, wherever it is in your energy field and/or physical body. It may be in one place, or it may be diffuse.
  3. If it’s diffuse, use intention to consolidate the energy into one distinct entity (or imagine that you’re doing so). It may be a particular shape or thing, or it may just be a lump. Doesn’t matter.
  4. Again using intention or imagination, place the object that represents the suffering in your open hands.
  5. Imagine that the “owner” of the suffering is in front of you.
  6. With love and kindness, return the suffering to them. You can imagine handing it to them, or you can actually stretch your physical hands out toward them.
  7. At their highest level, they know the suffering belongs to them alone. Imagine them accepting it. Imagine yourself letting it go with as little emotional charge as if you were returning a borrowed book or sweater. What they do with it is their business, not yours.
  8. If it feels like there’s any residue of their energy left in your hands, you can release it: shake your hands off, wash your hands in cool water, or whatever works for you.
  9. Take a moment to notice how you feel. Do you feel any different?

I encourage you to start scanning your body and field any time you have encountered the suffering of others, especially those you’re close to. If you notice that you have taken on their suffering–indicated by any feelings of sadness, anxiety, heaviness, etc. that are not specifically related to your own life–try the exercise above.

I hope this is helpful.–Nancy

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If You Can Sing (And Even If You Can’t) You Can Do Energy Healing

–by Nancy Hausauer

If you’ve read my work at all, you know that I believe that EVERYONE can do energy healing to one degree or another. In the popular imagination, it’s something that only a gifted few can do, but I just don’t believe that’s so.

Girl singing, Jean-Étienne Liotard [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

To me, energy healing is a lot like singing.

Most people can sing. It’s true, some people have a special gift, say a broad vocal range, an especially beautiful voice or mad musicality.

But nearly everyone (except for a few people with specific issues) can sing to some degree. Maybe not well, but they can do it. And anyone who can sing can get better at it, with practice and training.

That’s a lot like energy healing. It’s an inborn, natural thing. If you have any compassion or love or positive intentions toward others, you can do it. And if you practice and study a bit and learn from others, you can get better at it.

As with singing, not everyone is going to want to do it professionally. Not everyone cares enough about it to put in the effort to get really good at it. Nothing wrong with that.

But as part of everyday life—in the car, in the shower, to their kids, with friends and family—most people enjoy a little singing. It so natural, and it makes life better!

And the same is true of energy healing. Whether you work energy healing into your life just for yourself, or whether you do a little energy work for friends, family, spaces or situations, it’s easy and fun and beneficial for you as well as for whomever or whatever receives it.

So whoever you are, I encourage you to do energy healing. It doesn’t have to be a big deal — you can just send light to someone you love, send good intentions to someone you know is struggling, even just smile at a stranger. Like singing, it’s just a natural thing.

Wishing you music and light, Nancy

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Harvesting The Lessons Of Late Summer

–by Nancy Hausauer

van Gogh painting Cypress with Wheat Fields

Like every season, late summer has specific wisdom to impart about living in harmony with our energies. This season of heat and harvest teaches us how to stay in right relationship and balance with work.

At this time of year, the insects and animals are busy, busy, busy, gathering and storing food for the winter. We humans also begin to harvest early crops. It’s a season of extremely hard work, but also of community and celebration, as we literally reap and enjoy the fruits of our earlier labors.

In those periods of our life (or our day) when work is foremost, late summer teaches us:

  • To work with joy, love and purpose, so that our labors nourish instead of deplete our energies.
  • To know our limits and take on big tasks in community.
  • To celebrate the fruits of our labors.

Here are some ideas to help you absorb these important lessons about work:

  • Think about something in your life, past or present, that you worked hard to achieve, either alone or in community. Take time to savor it and appreciate yourself for your efforts. Acknowledge your power to make your own dreams come true. What else would you like to make a reality? (Think big.)
  • Take 15 minutes to watch honeybees at work. They have much to teach us.
  • “Work is love made visible,” Kahlil Gibran said in The Prophet. What love do you express through your work?
  • Bake bread or savor one or more fruits or vegetables of late summer. Eat it mindfully, aware of the various components that brought it to your table: the sun’s energy, the earth’s nourishment, the magic of the plant, the grower’s labor… In your own work, what/who else beyond your own efforts helps you reach your goals?
  • Take some time to reflect on your work. Is it rewarding? Are you having fun? Does it bring you satisfaction? If not, can you make changes? What is the deeper mission of your work? How can you bring this forward each day?
  • Do some activities to support your 3rd chakra.
  • Get inspired to do great work. Watch “Find Your Great Work” (8-minutes) (
  • Celebrate both harvest and community by hosting a potluck with seasonal foods, including something you’ve grown yourself. No garden? Resolve to grow at least one thing next year.

May your work bring you joy and fruitfulness. — Nancy

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Embrace Your Broken Places

–by Nancy Hausauer

Embrace the broken places in your life and breathe the light in through them. Then breathe the light back out for the benefit of other people.

Embrace the broken places in your life and breathe the light in through them. Then breathe the light back out for the benefit of other people.

Tools For Practicing The Essential Art Of Consciousness Shifting

–by Nancy Hausauer

For most of us, moving our awareness from the reality model that we use for everyday life to the reality model that we use when we’re doing energy healing is a profound switch. Because of this, what I call “consciousness-shifting” is an important skill for energy healers.

Hubble Telescope image of earth from space

The dominant cultural view of reality is, to put it simply, that only physical matter is truly real. The energy healing framework for reality, in contrast, is that there are subtle, invisible forces that shape us, and that what we truly are can never be reduced to mere cellular processes or interactions of matter.

Is it absolutely necessary for energy healers to be able to make this shift? Maybe not. But it’s certainly helpful. And liberating. And fortunately, like most skills, it gets easier as we practice it.

There are many ways to practice and build this skill. For me, images from space are often particularly helpful. My personal reality is very firmly based on this beautiful planet. Anything that moves my focus out beyond Earth’s atmosphere really messes with my head–in a good way. It expands and increases the flexibility of my awareness/consciousness.

So I wanted to share this amazing resource with you. Created by American Museum of Natural History astrophysicists, “The Known Universe” shows the universe as mapped through astronomical observations. It is accurate as to scale and location, to the best current scientific knowledge.

And here’s another amazing resource that helps us visualize the micro-level, the inner life of a cell. It’s also breathtakingly beautiful and astounding, challenging us to re-orient to reality as we experience it in our daily lives.

Both of these animations also make me profoundly grateful to exist.

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How to Help Skeptical Clients Embrace Energy Healing

–by Nancy Hausauer

Faces in profile, It's all GOOD>

Sometimes new clients tell me upfront that they aren’t entirely comfortable with the idea of energy healing. I even have clients who’ve been coming to me for years who periodically confess that they “have a hard time with the whole energy thing.” They enjoy receiving it, but it makes them uneasy if they get their mind involved and think about it.

It doesn’t bother me that they feel this way. It took me years to come to complete acceptance of energy healing, so I get it. Energy healing challenges some of the most basic assumptions of our culture. The dissonance between what people have been acculturated to believe is “real” and what they experience in an energy healing session can be unsettling, to say the least.

Here are some of the ways I handle it when clients can’t quite embrace energy healing with their intellects.

1. First, I reassure them that it’s OK, even good, to be skeptical. They don’t have to swallow it hook, line and sinker. Instead, I encourage them to remain present and open to what they actually experience, both during and after a session, and to try some “sideways” and “halfway” approaches.

For example, to make the experience of energy healing less mentally challenging, I encourage them to think of it in a metaphoric or symbolic way, rather than as an absolute reality. We’re very used to using metaphors and symbols to talk about complex things, without requiring them to be “true,” so this works for many people.

2. People having trouble with mental resistance to energy healing can also view it as just an alternative way of thinking about the world. Most people have experienced how a fresh perspective on a familiar issue or problem can yield new insights and solutions, so this approach can also help people set aside their resistance and skepticism.

3. A third way to reframe it can be to think of energy healing as something more ordinary than extraordinary, using forces and principles that we experience every day, even if they are below the level of consciousness. I point out that if they’ve ever gotten a “gut feeling” or felt the “vibe” of a person, group or place, they’ve felt subtle energy, and if they’ve ever cheered up a distressed friend with a hug, they’ve done an energy healing. In energy healing, these forces and principles are just used consciously and amplified. Normalizing like this often helps a lot.

If none of these approaches works, I encourage people to park their disbelief at the door, just for the duration of the session, in a spirit of curiosity, light-heartedness and exploration. They can pick their skepticism up on the way out if they still want to!



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