“Simplicity is a purpose men and women universally have sought across time, but this urge has intensified as human society has come to be extra complicated, extra industrial, extra technological, and considerably extra impersonal. There should be extra spiritual abundance in life, if only we could slow our pace and teach ourselves to get along with much less materially. This theme resonates in the desert. The ancient parchments recognized as the Dead Sea Scrolls — maybe extra accurately labeled the ‘Secret Scrolls’ — include a terse admonition: Embrace the wilderness hold to your bosom the desert experiences of your life. Hold them close to you. Find out from them. It is a deep and recondite irony for only in the knowledge of lack do we understand the secret of abundance.”

To Practice: Take into consideration what experiences of lack in your life have shed light on the correct nature of abundance.

Kenneth Hanson in Words of Light: Spiritual Wisdom from the Dead Sea Scrolls