A Prayer for Time
By Pastor Jack Graham


“Why, you do not even know what will come about tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that seems for a small when and then vanishes.” – James four:14

I have a fantastic buddy who was sitting at a red light 1 day, and he started to contemplate how a lot time we commit sitting at red lights in our lifetime. The believed occurred to him that 1 of these days, immediately after sitting at so several red lights, he’s going to die. They’ll place him in a box and drive his physique down the street in a hearse, operating each and every red light along the way.

So he believed, “How ironic. I’ll have to die to run red lights!”

I was pondering about that small believed not lengthy ago, and I began to thank God for the “red lights” I hit in my everyday life. Often, they’re actually red lights. Other occasions, they’re persons who quit me in the hallway mainly because they need to have to speak. It is these red lights that inform me I nevertheless have breath in my lungs, and I nevertheless have a mission to reside for God’s purposes.

It is uncomplicated to want to push-push-push our way by means of life, checking boxes only to make far more lists. But what if we take far more small blessing breaks in our lives and slow down a bit? Our lives would be a lot much less stressful, and our relationships so a lot deeper. You are in no way wasting time when you are undertaking what God desires you to do.

Dear Lord, when our life on earth is accomplished, might we stand prior to you and hear the words, “Well accomplished, my fantastic and faithful servant.” Father, we know our time on earth is but a couple of words in the cosmic story. Assist us to use our time wisely, and leave our mark when our time is accomplishedIn Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

This devotional is an abridged version of How You Can Cease Wasting so A great deal Time by Pastor Jack Graham. To study the complete devotional, follow this hyperlink.

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