two Kings 15:23-16:20

Inside each and every one particular of us, there is conflict. It is the conflict involving
superior and evil (15:34,24,28 16:two). Paul seasoned this conflict: ‘I
can will what is ideal, but I can not do it. I do not do the superior I want
to do. Alternatively, I do the evil that I do not want to do… When I want to do
ideal, evil lies close at hand’(Romans 7:18-19,21). What are we to do
when we really feel this conflict tearing us apart? We are to confess our sin-
‘Wretched man that I am!’. We are to trust in Christ- ‘Who will provide
me from this physique of death? Thanks be to God by way of Jesus Christ our
Lord!’(Romans 7:24-25). Even though we are in this earthly physique, the conflict
rages on. We ‘wait in patience for deliverance by the Lord’. When He
returns, we will ‘rejoice in His salvation’(Lamentations three:26 Isaiah
25:eight-9 Hebrews 9:28).