A La Carte (August 22)


Currently’s Kindle offers include things like titles by Joel and Mary Beeke (with whom I shared a delightful dinner just two days ago, as it occurs).

(Yesterday on the weblog: The Sofa Salesperson Who Did Almost everything Incorrect)

How to Fall . . . Once again

Here’s Jared Wilson getting smart once again. “If you are a restored church leader — or merely a church member walking in repentance right after a fall — you may well have some clear boundaries in location to preserve you from the explicit routes back to your old sins. But there are some techniques your new life could possibly make you vulnerable to new sins. The devil is cunning and is completely prepared to reduce you in the left side though you defend your ideal. How could possibly this come about? What are some techniques you could possibly fall once again? Right here are four…”

When The Roll Is Named Up Yonder

This is a sweet reflection.

Does Your Healthiness Help Your Pursuit of Holiness?

Brad Hambrick: “I’m not confident why, but it appears to me that the tips of pursuing healthiness and pursuing holiness have come to be conceptual rivals.”

Why Did Jesus Institute the Lord’s Supper on the Passover?

Keith Mathison requires on an essential query.

Your Ambition May well be Satanic

This is worth considering about. “We adore ambition and the ambitious. It is right here that the Bible provides us a significant word of caution. Not all ambition is superior. In truth, there are some types of ambition that are truly evil. There is such a issue as satanic ambition.”

The Blessing of Heaven as a Close to Reality

Melissa writes, “Their ages: 94 and 84. They have been buddies, Sunday college members, and sisters in the faith for years. And now they have been saying goodbye.”

Renowned Christians Are Losing Their Faith…and So Need to You If Your Faith Is in Them

Considerably has been stated lately about individuals losing their faith, but Randy Alcorn is nonetheless worth reading on the topic. “If I could share just one particular message in light of the higher-profile Christians who have lately created public announcements renouncing their faith, it would be this: you ought to drop your faith…if it is in any individual other than Jesus. And you ought to forsake and reject any worldview, no matter how desirable and seductive and well-known and affirming, that is not in concert with the worldview of God’s Word.”

Flashback: 1 Way To Make Confident You are Preaching a Sermon, Not Major a Bible Study

I’ve observed that some sermons are basically Bible research and some Bible research are basically sermons…I obtain it beneficial to force myself to distinguish among them, in particular when I am asked to lead one particular or the other.

A stranger to the worry of God is a stranger to the living God himself. —Albert Martin


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