Let The Glory Be Provided To God And Not Kept For Ourselves.


Genesis 47:1-26
and Joseph – the two stories are one particular. Christ and the Christian – our
story is bound up with His story. Jacob reflects on his life – ‘What has
it all amounted to?’. He does not sing his personal praises (eight-9). Let the
glory be provided to God and not kept for ourselves. Joseph supplied meals
for his household (12). Jesus has supplied for us one thing superior than
meals (Matthew four:four) – ‘an eternal redemption’(Hebrews 9:12). Grateful to
Joseph for what he had accomplished for them, the persons mentioned, ‘You have saved
our lives… we will be slaves’(25). Saved by Christ, we are to be
‘slaves’ of Christ (Romans six:17-18). We belong to Christ. We are to
serve Him. We appear to Him to ‘give us seed (His Word)… that the land
could not be desolate’(19 Mark four:14 Isaiah 55:10-11 Psalm 126:five-six). We
‘sow’. We ‘reap’. ‘God offers the growth’(1 Corinthians three:six-7) !


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