Inform Your Story Wendi Lou Lee

August 9, 2019 Wisdom from Wendi Lou Lee

Let the redeemed of the Lord inform their story,

these He redeemed from the hand of the foe.

— Psalm 107:two NIV

In our Western culture we seldom have enemies hunting us down. At least not the type of enemies we study about in the stories of the Bible — Pharaoh pursuing the Israelites or Saul chasing David. What we do have is troubles — connection troubles, well being troubles, loss and grief, feelings of loneliness and hopelessness. At instances our troubles can look so overwhelming that we wonder exactly where God is and what achievable goal He could have. Our faith dwindles as we envision a grim future or a poor outcome.

Surrender the Fight

In 2015, I discovered myself face-to-face with an enemy I in no way anticipated. Only 38 years old and with two young youngsters, I sat in the doctor’s workplace attempting to absorb the diagnosis: the excruciating headaches, deep fatigue, confusion and dizziness — a brain tumor. The tumor had to come out and fast, with additional testing required to reveal whether or not it was cancerous. From the get-go, I had a choice to make: rail against God and try to energy by way of in my personal strength or accept God’s sovereign will, surrendering the fight to the 1 who held my future in His hands.

My foe appeared effective, but it didn’t examine to the God of the universe beside me. As I lay my troubles at His feet, an unexpected calm enveloped me. It is tempting to clench onto our lives, to grasp for what our hands can in no way hold. Scripture tells us that God alone holds the planet collectively, in hands huge adequate to modify the course of history by way of His Son. He cared adequate to redeem us, and He cares adequate to hold us correct alongside the stars and galaxies.

Take Action

Pry open your clenched hands. Surrender to His strategies, even when they do not make sense. We can rest assured that God’s strategy is excellent His promises prove correct (Psalm 18:30). Then wait and watch the story of His appreciate and grace unfold.

As my hospital bed rolled into the operating space, the peace of God filled my heart. Surrendering the outcome to His excellent will freed me to breathe quick and trust that He was in manage. I woke up grateful to be alive, grateful to keep in mind my family members and mates, but most of all, grateful to have a story of His faithfulness. Even although we waited for the biopsy benefits, God was faithful — but once again.

Share with Courage

God redeems even the internal villains of our lives, writing a story so grand we stand in awe, and then He offers us the courage to share our story. Telling other folks encourages them to trust their troubles to Jesus, the 1 who stands beside us.

Written for Devotionals Every day by Wendi Lou Lee, author of A Prairie Devotional.

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