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Pastor John, in yesterday’s episode (episode 636), you gave us six motives why we addictively grab our phones when we wake up in the morning. And you mentioned you had a remedy — a far better course forward. Please share that with us right here.

It could possibly be beneficial just to name the six incentives I pointed out that draw to me my telephone in the morning. I have mentioned there is a novelty hunger. I mentioned there is an ego hunger. I mentioned there is entertainment hunger.
And then I mentioned there are these 3 avoidances, like boredom avoidance. I just do not want a boring day. There is duty avoidance, and there is hardship avoidance. So, there are fairly powerful forces that are maintaining us in bed and maintaining us on our devices.

Was It Worth It?

But there is a far better way, and these concerns highlight the require for it:

  • What if you are the initial one particular to the news, and it is horrible news?
  • What if your search for some ego-candy finds ego-acid, and individuals have hated you overnight?
  • What if you invest 5 minutes obtaining oneself happily entertained in the morning, rather than quickly facing the responsibilities of the day, and you obtain at the finish of these 5 minutes that they have drug you down into a silly, demeaning, little-minded, hollow, immature frame of thoughts? Was it worth it?
  • What if you take 5 minutes to prevent the boredom and duty and hardship of the day only to obtain, at the finish of these 5 minutes of avoidance, that you are spiritually, morally, and emotionally significantly less in a position to cope with reality in the day than you had been ahead of? Was it worth it?

I feel there is a far better way to commence the day. And it will call for some choices ahead of the morning. It under no circumstances performs to make final-minute efforts to determine to do anything distinct. You require to determine twelve hours earlier what this crisis moment is going to appear like. It will take some arranging. It will take some considering as you set your alarm clock.

Arm Oneself with the Word

I wrote this to the publishers of the English Typical Version (ESV) of the Bible: “Is there a way to use the ESV app or the ESV web page in a way that you can set your alarm to go off with Scripture reading?” They wrote back and mentioned, “Oh, that is a terrific notion. It seriously is doable.” But it was so complex. I couldn’t figure it out.

“There is a far better way to commence the day than by checking your telephone, but it will call for choices ahead of the morning.”

But I would just say to somebody that if you can figure that out, that is a terrific notion. In other words, just go ahead and set your alarm to commence reading the Bible to you, and I feel they are going to perform on producing it easier.

What we want in the morning routine is to be filled with the Holy Spirit. We want anything that provides us a zeal for the glory of Christ for the day’s perform. We want to be strengthened to face what ever the day might bring. We want anything that provides us joyful courage and the resolve to count other individuals far better than ourselves and assists us to pursue accurate greatness by becoming the servant of all, just as Jesus mentioned (Mark 9:35). That is the true agenda in the morning.

Really handful of of us wake up strengthened to do all of these glorious performs that we get to join Jesus in performing. So, the new course for the morning is laid out in the Psalms, and right here is a crucial verse: “O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch” (Psalm five:three).

Let the initial issue out of your mouth in the morning, though you are nevertheless on your pillow, be a cry to God: “I enjoy you, Lord. I require you, Lord. Assistance me, Lord.” That is the initial cry out of my mouth in the morning: “I require you once more nowadays.” Then, prepare a sacrifice and watch. I feel that sacrifice is my physique and my consideration devoted to him.

Eyes Fixed

I watch for the Lord to show up — and do what? What am I watching for? Psalm 143:eight puts it like this: “Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast enjoy, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I really should go, for to you I lift up my soul.” So, I am searching for the steadfast enjoy of God, and I am on the lookout for it in his word.

Psalm 90:14 tells me how to feel about praying for it when it says, “Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast enjoy.” Do not just appear for it and see it, but ask the Lord, “O, satisfy me with this steadfast enjoy that I might rejoice and be glad in you all my days.” We watch in God’s inspired word for revelations of his steadfast enjoy and his guidance for our lives, and we get a profound sense of satisfaction in our souls that he is attractive and that he cares for us.

“Let the initial words out of your mouth though nevertheless on your pillow be a cry to God: ‘I require you once more nowadays.’”

Right here are a couple extra examples. Psalm 119:148 says, “My eyes are awake ahead of the watches of the evening, that I might meditate on your guarantee.” Lastly, Psalm 139:17–18 says, “How valuable to me are your thoughts, O God! . . . I awake, and I am nevertheless with you.”

So I recommend that, ahead of you go to bed tonight, you make some selections and some plans and that you cost-free oneself from the candy addictions and the habits of avoidance that have been ruining the strengthening prospective for the starting of the day.


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